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Atlantic Superstore Flyer - September 06, 2018 - September 12, 2018 - Sales products - No Name, chewing gum, Gerber, cereals, rice, ron, wipes, pants, nappies, baby pants, Aveeno, body wash, soap bar, soap, toothpaste, Crest, Playtex, tampons, Olay, Aussie, hair color, Herbal Essences, Fructis, body lotion, Lubriderm, Jergens, anti-perspirant, secret, shave gel, Schick, bag, multivitamin, vitamin c, Advil Rapid, Emergen-C, whey protein, aspirin, Centrum, freezer, Garnier, Gillette, Listerine, Tampax, Huggies, Pampers, Oral-B, Sensodyne, car battery. Page 7.
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The Freezer is an essential accessory for most ordinary households. You can also choose a suitable type depending on how long the food is to be preserved by frost.

Perhaps no household today can do without a very practical and necessary device, which is a freezer. If you opt for a freezer, which should be a separate unit and not part of the refrigerator, then you have two options.

Counter or drawer freezer.

  • A more common type is a drawer freezer. The food is stored here clearly, and it is possible to separate, for example, vegetables from meat or some aromatic foods. The drawer freezer is also much more compact and can stand without problems in a normal kitchen.
  • Counter freezers usually belong to the equipment of shops or establishments where food is prepared. But we see it more and more often in ordinary households. Here it is used mainly for storing food for a longer period. The counter freezer has much better insulating properties and the food in it will remain unchanged for a longer period. The capacity is also not reduced by drawers, and therefore it is larger in content. Thanks to these properties, counter freezers are more energy efficient.
Dove 8 OLAY TAMPAX whito &blanc Crest, Aquafresh, Colgate regular or Winter Fresh teothpaste 60-95mL. Oral B or Colgate manual teothbrush each or Oral- B 50 m floss selected varieties and sizes Always base2x pads 20-36s, Dailies liners 68/120's or Tampax, Playtex Sport, Gentle Glide or 0.B. tampons 36-40s selected varieties Dove/Olay bar soap 8x 90 g, body wash 650 mL Ivory Free & Gentle body wash 500 mL or Secret/Gillette Clinical antiperspirant 45 g selected varieties Intuition 499 SALE SAVE UP TO Garnier Belle Color hair colour, Live Clean or Herbal Essences hair care selected varieties and sizes Garnier Fructis or Aussie hair care orstyling selected varieties and sizes Women's Schick razors 1-4's or cartridges 3-12's selected varieties 1810 Gillette Series or Satin Care shave gel 193/255 g or Secret base antiperspirant 45/48 g selected varieties SENSODYNE Lubriderm LISTERINE Batiste, Marc Anthony or Dove hair care selected varieties and sizes Listerine Classic 1Lor Kids 500 mL rinse or Sensodyne regular 135mL Iso Active 100mlor selected varieties and sizes ProNamel 110 mL toothpaste, Colgate Sensitive o Pro-Relief Whitening or enamel repair 120 ml selected varieties and sizes 985 Aveeno 227 mL or Lubriderm 480 mL body lotion St. Ives facial scrub 150-300 mL. body lotion 600 mL or Jergens 365 mL selected varieties LIQUID FAST RILICE Ad WOMEN 50 1000 VitaminC TYLENOLREACTINE 2499 Super orange AURALSOUC MHEY PROTE EXTRA IT 2499 PC natural whey protein 900 g. Diesel whey Centrum multivitamins 90/100s, Emergen-C protein 908 g or Six Starprotein powder 907 g/1.1 kg selected varieties Aspirin 81 mg tabs 120's, chews 100s, Advil Reactine allergy tablets 48's, liquid gels 40's 24/30's or Caltrate supplements 50/60s selected varieties Cold & Sinus caplets 40-50s, Tylenal 500 mg EZtab /c aplets 150s or Arthritis caps 100's Aerius allergy or Dual Action tabs 30-40's or Claritin allergy tabs 50's Rice Cereal Enfomil live clean Rice & Pampers 1699594999 49 Huggies or Pampers 9x/10x wipes 504-79 Pampers Pure mega diapers 27-35, Huggies selected varieties 125-354 mLor 75-120g Pull-Ups training pants 32-42's or GoodNites underwear 20-28s selected varieties 2995183 afamil A+ Stage 1-2 concentrate 12x385 mL or ready to feed formula 18 x 237 mL selected varieties 201448 Gerber cereal selected varieties Live Clean or Aveeno baby toiletries or PC diaper refill 1x 0315385 HOUSEHOLD GLAD COMPOSTABLE 40 garbage bags GLAD 11 0.0 ron-sock cooking&baking parchment paper 20 Alcan aluminum foil 50 no name paper 10m, freezer or drawstring arge garbage bags chment chen Catchers orage bags 20-40 iquid laundry rgemt3 83-4 o name garbage bags elected varieties compostable selected varieties 139 dete lastic wrap 90 m selected varieties 70e51882

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