Atlantic Superstore Flyer - October 31, 2019 - November 06, 2019 - page 1 - NO LONGER VALID

Atlantic Superstore Flyer - October 31, 2019 - November 06, 2019 - page 1 - NO LONGER VALID

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Atlantic Superstore Flyer - October 31, 2019 - November 06, 2019 - Sales products - apples, grapes, seedless grapes, lobster, salmon, salmon fillet, seafood, Campbell's, pizza, soup, noodles, Kraft®, bacon, salted butter, bouillon, sugar, chicken broth, broth, olive oil, oil, jam, peanut butter, Canada Dry, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, soft drink, chicken breasts, Optimum, vest, chair, oven, steak. Page 1.
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Scroll through this Atlantic Superstore flyer valid from October 31, 2019 to November 06, 2019 to see the latest deals. On 16 pages of the current weekly flyer, you will find the best goods from the Grocery category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Atlantic Superstore, don't forget to look through the entire flyer from page 1 to page 16. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Atlantic Superstore, don’t miss the latest weekly flyer full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to Canadian Flyers every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great deals offered by your favourite retailers.

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We all know and love the unmistakable taste of the sweetened soft drink Coca-Cola. But do you know about everything this company does and sells?

Coca-Cola is a legendary brand that does not need to be introduced for a long time. We have all tasted their delicious drink before and most of us love it very much. No wonder, because the recipe is completely original and has not changed since the company was founded. You can enjoy the variant with sugar, with a lower proportion of sugar or completely without it. In addition, you can enjoy it in all sizes and in glass, sheet metal and plastic. As you wish. If you have a birthday party, a match, or an evening movie in front of you, it should not be missing on your table, because nothing can replace it. Enjoy it the way you like it and don't forget to add some great food.


Legendary brands do not necessarily stagnate and remain the same. Pepsi is clear proof because it is constantly coming up with new products. What can you taste?

The Pepsi brand is a legend among sweetened cola-flavoured soft drinks. You have been enjoying its unique taste for more than 100 years, which every company cannot boast of. Today, you can try many unique products from it, which boast a unique recipe and unmistakable taste. Classic Pepsi with sugar, Max without sugar, or fruit variants with lime, mango, vanilla, pineapple, and others. It always enlivens boring afternoons and refreshes you during a hot day. You can buy them in eight different sizes (from 0.25 ml to 2.5 l), in glass, sheet metal and plastic. In any case, you will get your favourite taste for a great price.

WICKEDLY THURSDAY OCTOBER 31st Atlantic HAPPY HALLOWEEN Superstore Must Buy Thurs/Fri/Sat only! JWA Recky Point chicken breasts or thighs family size fresh, boneless skinless 8.80/kg E093/20162170 CHAIR DE HOMARD CONGELEE FROZEN LOBSTER MEAT Cas Kesed Arge PaJlaas&Pe 3.99 Rocky Point lobster meat frozen, 320 g rest of week ovember 3-6 S19.99 ea 001707 14 99 fresh Atlantic salmon fillets skin-on, clubsize Fresh seafood tems subject to availablity 22.02/kg sirloin tip oven roast or marinating steak family size cuttrom Canada AA or USDA Select grade beelor higher 880/kg ur Maple Leal or Schneiders bacon Selected varieties, 65/375g 20715286/2021521ran0 CANADA NATURAL BACON NATUREL O AL 991b/ea. 9.99 Ib porkdoin combination chops irbin.and rib portion, bone-in 3.17/Kg vest of week November 3 6 $1.99 ib 4.39/kg 20222 TARMER'S MARK Drices Py mARCHE ORANGES SALE Farmer's Marketnavel oranges 3 lb, product of South Adca or4bbagged apples roduct of Atlantic Canada, Canadano. 1 grade TARME AR DiCS mARCHE red or green seedless grapes protuct of US.A.. no. 1 grade 439/kg SAVE AT LEAST $3.05 LB 1 14 selected varieties 20278230 GOLDEN DELCIOUS Applis Peama 99tb 2 99 he Lactantia Salted Butter All Natural Galla 6allo SALE Fresh Churned B Gallo olive oil selected varieties SAVE AT LEAST $3 1 L 3 pstof week November 3-6 Extra VirginS5.99 ea. Olive O 299 Extra Light Tasting Olive Oi uile doli Saveu extra léq menIL medium ground beet, family size 659kg 272 Lactantia butter selected varieties, 454 g 20639528 SALE SAVE $4 EA. 4 99 A Lant Lantic 5 Kraft old teshoned bown à rancienne Pure sucrean MULTI SALE Campbells STRANEERT JAN CONTTTURE DE FRAISES less than 251.79 ea SAVE $1 2/S3 3 99 Kraft peanut butter 750g-1 kg or Kraft jam 500 mL selected varieties 200958100129302623001 HN Min Lantic sugar selected varieties, 1-2 kg Chicken Broth Bouillon de poulet 2014533/20159394 Carmpbells CHUNKY DELISSIO CHICKEN NOODLE POULET NOUILLES THIN CRISPH MNCE ET CRCUSTILANTE DELISSIO Campbell's broth 900ML Chunky or readyto eat soup,540 mL selected varieties 20316060001/203223480 THIN CRISPY Coca-Cola 2/$8 Coca Cola 4 MEAT MINCE ET CROUSTILLANTE 4VIANDES optimum MULTI PEPF 1,000 less than 254.49ea. 749 3 33 Delissio thin crust or Rustica pizza selected varieties, frozen, 340-630 g Coca-Cola, Canada Dry or Pepsi soft drinks selected varieties, 12x 355 mL 2031894003/20322361002 2048810/20248391 Not today flu Get your flu shot here. Flyer prices effective from Thursday, October 31st to Wednesday, November 6th, 2019. SEE BACK PAGE FOR DETAILS RA RAL RB RBL 1 pepsi

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