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Canadian Tire Flyer - November 24, 2022 - November 30, 2022 - Sales products - pan, casserole, bakeware, jar, freezer, refrigerator, oven, microwave oven, dishwasher, cooktop, food processor, iron, sewing machine, hair dryer, ionic hair dryer, table, fireplace, blender, robot, Panasonic. Page 3.
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Scroll through this Canadian Tire flyer valid from November 24, 2022 to November 30, 2022 to see the latest deals. On 8 pages of the current weekly flyer, you will find the best goods from the Auto & Moto category. This Canadian Tire flyer offers discounts on more than 215 products, making sure you get the best deal on the things you buy! If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Canadian Tire, don't forget to look through the entire flyer from page 1 to page 8. On the current page you will find promotions on blender, cooktop, dishwasher, fireplace, freezer, refrigerator, robot; however, this flyer from Canadian Tire offers many other discounts on goods like Barbie, doll, LED light, robot, rocket, cabinet, camera, game cam, wagon, gun. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Canadian Tire, don’t miss the latest weekly flyer full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to Canadian Flyers every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great deals offered by your favourite retailers.

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Many people cannot imagine their lives without a dishwasher. This helper can save not only your time, but also electricity and water costs.

Washing dishes is a very annoying and tedious activity for most of us. But only if you do not own a dishwasher. In the past, people resisted this product a bit. They did not believe that he could wash everything with a perfect result. The second argument was the seemingly high-water consumption. Both turned out to be a big mistake.

  • Dishwasher is a great helper that not only saves water and energy, but also the environment and your time.

At present, dishwashers are at such a level that they can handle even very dirty dishes. One of the questions when choosing is how to choose a large dishwasher. Of course, it is necessary to consider the spatial possibilities of the room.

  • Another parameter will be the number of boarders.
  • A common type is a dishwasher with a width of 60 cm, which is designed for 12 to 14 sets of dishes.
  • A 45 cm wide Dishwasher with a capacity of approximately 10 sets or less is intended for smaller uses.

Noise and additional functions will certainly also play a role.


Get a device in which you will be able to store food in peace and at the same time it will have the right size and function. It may seem complicated, but it's easy.

There are many refrigerators on the market to choose from. Getting to know them may not be easy. You must think of a few basic things you can't do without. Think about whether the appliance will be built-in or free-standing, where it will cost, how many people will use it and how much food you normally buy. The size, interior layout and type of refrigerator are important. There are two basics, classic, or American. American refrigerators were quite popular and are an ideal option for a larger family. But for most of us, they are too big and expensive. But the decision is always up to you. Consider all your needs and accordingly you will find the best equipment that suits you best.

Microwave oven

The microwave oven has many forms and functions. It depends on whether it will be used only for heating food or some more demanding preparation. For example, barbecue.

Today, the microwave oven is a necessary equipment not only for households, but we also use their advantages in workplaces. The choice of microwave is therefore conditioned by the environment in which it will be used. The basic model is microwave ovens without a grill.

These are also suitable for kitchens in workplaces. It is great for fast heating of food, and we do not expect more from it. Some models also offer a fast-cooking function.

  • These types are usually freestanding.
  • Built-in types are not produced very much.
NOS PLUS BAS PRIX DE L'ANNÉE | OUR LOWEST PRICES OF THE YEAR* RABAIS/SAVE NINJA RABAIS/SAVE 50% 80% MAINTENANT/NOW 159.⁹⁹9 RABAIS/SAVE 150$ V MAINTENANT/NOW 179.⁹⁹9 RABAIS/SAVE %* 80 ACHAT SPECIAL SPECIAL BUY SYSTÈME D'INFUSION DE CAFÉ SPÉCIALISÉ DUALBREW PRO NINJA, POUR CAFÉ MOULU ET EN DOSETTES./NINJA DUALBREW PRO GROUNDS & PODS SPECIALTY COFFEE SYSTEM. 43-0960-2. Cour./Reg 329,99 ** RABAIS/SAVE 50% RABAIS/SAVE 70$ MAINTENANT/NOW 1899⁹9 39.⁹⁹ POÊLE FORGÉE ANTIADHÉSIVE 26 CM ET 30 CM, 2/PAQ./ 26CM AND 30CM FORGED NON-STICK PAN, 2-PK. 399-6866-6. **Achetées séparément à notre prix courant, la poêle de 26 cm (142-4520) coûterait 99,99 $ et celle de 30 cm (142-4521), 119,99 $./**If bought separately, 26cm Frying Pan (142-4520) Reg price is $99.99 and 30cm Frying Pan (142-4521) Reg price is $119.99. Jusqu'à épuisement des stocks./While quantities last. NINJA FOUR AVEC FRITEUSE À AIR CHAUD FOODI, 1800 W. préchauffage en 60 secondes; repas complets prêts en seulement 20 minutes. Occupe 50 % moins d'espace lorsque retourné et range. / FOODI" AIR FRY SHEET OVEN. 1800W, 60 second preheat; full meals in as little as 20 minutes. Takes up 50% less space when you flip and store away. 43-0758-4. Cour./Reg 349.99 A COFFEE NIJA MAINTENANT NOW 49.⁹9⁹ MÉLANGEUR PERSONNEL NUTRI BLENDER AVEC 2 GOBELETS À EMPORTER./NUTRI PERSONAL BLENDER WITH 2 TRAVEL JARS. 43-0955-0, Cour./Reg 109,99 RABAIS/SAVE 30% MAINTENANT/NOW 169.⁹⁹9 MICRO-ONDES EN INOX, 1,3 PP. 1100 watts, cuisson par capteur Genius et décongélation automatique. Intérieur facile à nettoyer, cadran multifonction. / 1.3 CU-FT STAINLESS STEEL MICROWAVE. 1100 watts, genius sensor cooking and auto defrost. Easy to clean interior, multifunction dial. 43-7008-0. Cour./Reg 259,99 NINJA RABAIS/SAVE % 50% NINJA SÈCHE-CHEVEUX IONIQUE HYPERAIR. Séchage ultrarapide sans dommage causé par la chaleur. Avec concentrateur 2 en 1 10./ HYPERAIR IONIC HAIR DRYER. Ultra-fast drying with no heat damage. With 10 2-in-1 concentrator. 43-8670-4. Cour./Reg 249,99 39.09 MAINTENANT NOW 79.⁹⁹9 NINGSS 6383 TESTÉ TESTED - 18:35 390 CRISP CONTROL- NINJA 12 TASSES 12-CUP PADERNO PAQ. DE 2 2-PACK NINJA ROBOT CULINAIRE PROFESSIONAL, 9 TASSES./PROFESSIONAL FOOD PROCESSOR, 9-CUP. 43-0753-4. Cour./Reg 169,99 10 10: ACHAT SPECIAL SPECIAL BUY 129 99 ED RABAIS/SAVE 80% RABAIS/SAVE 75% MAINTENANT/NOW 59.⁹9 MAINTENANT NOW 79.⁹9 BATTERIE DE CUISINE EN INOX 18/10, 10 PCES./10-PC 18/10 STAINLESS-STEEL SET. 142-6340-6. Cour./Reg 529,99 COCOTTE EN FONTE TUSCAN, 4 PTE. Surface intérieure émaillée durable. Passe directement de la surface de cuisson ou du four à la table./TUSCAN 4-QT CAST-IRON CASSEROLE DISH. Durable glazed inside surface. Use from cooktop or oven directly to the serving table. 142-5453-4. Cour./Reg 279,99 80 RABAIS/SAVE 0/** 70 ACHAT SPECIAL SPECIAL BUY 29.⁹9⁹ POÊLE GÉANTE FORGÉE, 12 PO./ 12" FORGED JUMBO COOKER. 399-3184-6. **Par rapport à la poêle géante de 12 po Heritage the Rock 142-8307. Cour. 169,99 $./When compared to 142-8307 Heritage the Rock 12" Jumbo Pan. Reg $169.99. Jusqu'à épuisement des stocks. / While quantities last. RABAIS/SAVE 55% MAINTENANT/NOW 64.⁹⁹ BATTERIE DE CUISINE FORGÉE ANTIADHÉSIVE, 10 PCES./ 10-PC FORGED NON-STICK COOKSET. 399-8279-2. **Par rapport à l'ens. antiadhésif, 10 pces 142-7071. Cour. 649,99 $./ **When compared to 10-Pc Non-Stick Set 142-7071. Reg $649.99. Jusqu'à épuisement des stocks. / While quantities last. RABAIS/SAVE 80% MAINTENANT/NOW 26⁹⁹ Panasonic ACHAT SPECIAL SPECIAL BUY 249 9⁹9 RACLETTE ANTIADHESIVE RÉVERSIBLE 2 EN 1./ 2-IN-1 REVERSIBLE NON-STICK RACLETTE. 43-1341-0. Cour./Reg 158,99 MACHINE À COUDRE 6180 BRILLIANCE PLUS. 203 applications de couture. Plateau d'extension compris. / 6180 BRILLIANCE PLUS SEWING MACHINE. 203 stitch application. Extension table included. 399-9252-8. Jusqu'à épuisement des stocks. // While quantities last. Shark RABAIS/SAVE 270$ HERITAGE FOYER MULTIMEDIA CANMORE. MAINTENANT/NOW Chauffe 400 pr max. 54 x 15% x 25 po H. Télécommande comprise./ CANMORE MEDIA FIREPLACE. 299.99 Heats up to 400 sq-ft. 54 x 15% x 25" h. Includes remote, 64-4014-2. Cour./Reg 569,99 O SINGER ENS. DE PLATS DE CUISSON EN CÉRAMIQUE. Vont au four, micro-ondes, lave-vaisselle, réfrigérateur et congélateur. Empilables pour un rangement pratique / CERAMIC BAKEWARE SET. Microwave, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer safe. Stackable for convenient storage. 142-8835-8. Cour./Reg 135,99 www Crédit offert Credit offered Selon les prix promotionnels tels qu'ils sont annoncés conformément aux dates de vente de cette circulaire. Nos plus bas prix de l'année se définit comme étant la période allant du 1 janvier au 31 décembre 2022./ Based on the promotional prices as advertised in accordance with this flyer's sale dates. Our Lowest Prices of the Year is defined as the period between January 1-December 31, 2022. HERITAGE BROCK DEALE EURO "Détails à l'intérieur de la couverture arrière. See inside back page for details 10 PCES 10-PC vida -PADERNO Lagostina 4 PTE 4-QT TESTÉ TESTED 10 PCES 10-PC HERITAGE BROCK 12 PO/12" HERITAGE BROCK Lagostina 4 PCES 4-PC SINGER CANVAS™ 3

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