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Food Basics 

Food Basics is a Canadian supermarket chain owned by Metro Inc., founded in 1995 with over 130 stores throughout the province of Ontario. The discount grocery store was created by A&P Canada, before being sold to Metro Inc. in 2005, as a competitor to the successful warehouse-style supermarket No Frills, another chain operated by Loblaws Companies.

Food Basics cuts down costs to offer the lowest prices by employing fewer staff members that work mostly part-time and by keeping the store’s decoration to a minimum. In addition, they give free cardboard boxes to customers instead of plastic bags, therefore reducing single-use plastic waste.

Like many grocery stores, the company sells anything that is on your grocery list, basic foods, fresh fruits and veggies, a wide selection of meat cuts and fish as well as non-food general merchandise. Visit to shop by product and brand.      

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To better serve you, they have 8 locations in Ottawa, 14 stores in Toronto, 6 in Hamilton and Mississauga, 5 in London and 4 in Kingston. Visit their website to find a store near you. Subscribe to their e-flyer online and save money, and sign up to their newsletter which includes special offers and promotions, nutritional information and recipe ideas at

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