Foodland Flyer - August 22, 2019 - August 28, 2019 - NO LONGER VALID

Foodland Flyer

August 22, 2019 - August 28, 2019 - NO LONGER VALID

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Foodland Flyer  - August 22, 2019 - August 28, 2019. Page 5.
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Scroll through this Foodland flyer valid from August 22, 2019 to August 28, 2019 to see the latest deals. On 7 pages of the current weekly flyer, you will find the best goods from the Grocery category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Foodland, don't forget to look through the entire flyer from page 1 to page 7. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Foodland, don’t miss the latest weekly flyer full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to Canadian Flyers every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great deals offered by your favourite retailers.

pantry CATELLI ALDDI 2S0 EMUCKERS TORTILLAS AUCKERS MACABONI Fuhd Ba DOUBLE FRUIT FURE Mowbry Jam eiture de fre chelt OLD EL PASO Refried Beans 398 mL, Jalapeños 250 mL, Taco Sauce 215 mL Tortillas, Shells or Bowls 125-334 g or Salsa 440 mL SMUCKER'S No Sugar Added Jam 310 mL. Double Fruit 390 mL or Pure 500 mL 2/$3 $3 349 4 49 COMPLIMENTS Chocolate Hazelnut Spread 375 g CATELLI Pasta 375-500 g (excludes lasagna) Complonents Brown Brune BUSH'S CLUB HOUSE BEST barud Gravies SaEACS Original Glutem Free S BAKED BEANS nde Compen Chickm poulet 3/99 4/$5 299 789 CLUB HOUSE Seasoning Grinders 21-60 g CLUB HOUSE Gravies or Sauces 21-45g BUSH'S Beans 398 mL COMPLIMENTS Noodles 85 g Past FAMILY SE FORMAT FAMILIAL Comeplonient Uncle Bens Biatre balance équilibre Maple Hunts Brown Suga Origimal Orignale NCH Shreddies Tomato Paste LIPELS Savedable stde JASHUNE ICE RI2 AU JASHIN 725 2/$4 79c 329 399 COMPLIMENTS BALANCE Instant Oatmeal 325-430 g POST Family Size Cereal 510-725 g UNCLE BEN'S Bistro Express Rice 240-250 g HUNT'S Tomato Paste 156 mL HIET PM Canpent MMERAL Comp strawberry fraise hd A Purpe F r Farine tt Fain t Jet Poffed ARTFROO). ege non lanh JELLO frit F lsmr 8 4 379 home&wellness $1 399 199 KRAFT Jet-Puffed Marshmallovws 250 g JELL-O Jelly Powders 9.1-85 g COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS Flour 2.5 kg Honey 375 g 21 essential miet finish Cemat n ctngWipu ARIGINAL ae lednds life scents 10 BUY 1 at $6.49 MAX IN1 BUY 1 at $2.49 Bonus Miles when you buy 2 BUY 2 OR MORE BUY 2 OR MORE AIR WICK Freshmatic Refill 175-180 g or Essential Mist Refill 20 mL $5 5 99 $2 849 COMPLIMENTS FINISH Dishwasher Tabs 18-25 pk Liquid Laundry Detergent 1.37-1.47 L COMPLIMENTS Disinfecting Wipes 35 pk ea Complerent de MILKBONE Raid OFF! Kbbles ONE ONE Compliente Home OFFI IL 10 wRUE TCT Large Bonus Miles when you buy 1 KIBBLES 'N BITS Dry Dog Food MILK-BONE Dog Treats or MEOW MIX Dry Cat Food 1.6-2 kg 599 1199 699 OFF! or RAID Pest Control COMPLIMENTS Waste or Recycle Bags 40 pk 15 % PURINA ONE Dry Cat Food 1.45-1.8 kg off Products selected Cemplanonte LARABAR Premum Dint apkins Serviettes de abe de cho 90 SANDWICH ALCAN 43 S-NON Ziploc Eary Open Tabs LARABAR Fodle a ouri ALCAN stro le ph nsist *AHUT BUTTER CHOGOLATE C 4/$5 399 349 ALCAN Foil 50 ft or Heavy Duty or Non-Stick Baking 25-30 ft ZIPLOC Sandwich or Snack Bags 66-90 pk 449 LÄRABAR Energy Bars 45 g COMPLIMENTS Dinner Napkins 100 pk ivisible 33 SPEED STICK arays Speed ANUR 2-- TAMPAX SPEED STICK or LADY SPEED STICK Deodorant 45-85 g or IRISH SPRING Bar Soap 3 pk selected OLAY, OLD SPICE or GILLETTE Body Wash 400-532 mL or OLD SPICE Bar Soap 6 pk or Red or Wild Deodorant 73-85 gselected AXE Deodorant or Body Spray 76-113 g or Body Wash or Hair Care 473 mL 899 399 399 299 ALWAYS Pads or Liners or TAMPAX Tampons selected 20-96 pk Enroll at AIRMIIES ca! Nota collector yet? Enroll today and start enjoying the benefits of the AIR MILES Reward Program today! better REWARDS AS AS AS 121

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