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GOG information

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Are you ready for a heavy hit of nostalgia?

GoG or Good Old Games is a digital distribution platform for video games and films and titles from an earlier age of video-gaming. It was founded in 2008 by a company CD Project which is an all-time favorite game producer and developer with titles like The Witcher or Cyberpunk. It’s based in Warsaw, Poland and you can find many old and new titles which were reworked so you can play them even on your new computer. The only thing you need is the internet to connect to the best platform of the century.

Why wouldn’t you try it?

Have you been a gamer all your life and you want to experience the titles you loved and adored as a child? Or have you heard the tales and myths about gaming before 2005 from your parents or grandparents and you want to relive what they lived through? This is your unique chance to play it all and show them that the new generation of gamers is still all about that loot and victory! You can find amazing game titles like Might and Magic series or Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale series – and much more! Start your journey as generations before you and engage in epic battles and mythic tales that were brought to you once again! You can also find free games that you can try or download for free from independent or small game studios. Forget about torrents and illegally downloaded pc games! You can get all the technical support and much more – you will have your account with your games forever linked to you. GOG also engages in many sales and specials and there is always something with the best possible price.

It’s all up to you

If it’s gog vs steam, you should choose GoG because you will find the best possible place to play games. Download GoG Launcher and enjoy games and anime games that you won’t find anywhere else. All transactions on this platform are safe and there are always threads in forums that will help you with any problem. You can shop directly from their official website www.gog.com or you can shop logged in your account wherever in Canada you are.


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