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JYSK is a Danish retail chain founded in 1979 by Lars Larsen, selling household goods that include Scandinavian-inspired home décor, furniture, home accessories, beds, and mattresses. With 2,586 stores in 50 countries, employing more than 23,000, JYSK is the fastest-growing Danish company earning 3.36 billion Euro.  

The Canadian chain is called JYSK Bed Bath Home and there are more than 60 stores all across the country and continue to expand. The company name stands for the Danish word trustworthiness; a word associated with modesty and thoroughness; values that Larsen lived by.

What sets JYSK apart from other furniture retailers is their unique style of products that often emulates a strong Nordic influence. It is both minimal yet functional and inspires a sort of simplistic elegance. JYSK has everything you need for your home and office. Find Bedding essentials like mattress pads, curtains, rugs, as well as indispensable items like dining tables and chairs.


  • Great service and customer care: JYSK offers prompt delivery, free in-store pick-up, and a customer service call center. In the store, employees are ready to help and answer all your questions.
  • Buy online: You can shop at JYSK online through their website directly or visit their Instagram page to take a look through their product gallery, where you can find home décor inspirations and ideas, and shop in just one click. 
  • Convenient payment: You can easily apply online for a JYSK financing card for your purchases and pay no interest for a whole year.
  • Win prizes: Customers can subscribe to their weekly newsletter and special promotional offers regarding their products by email and enter the chance to win $1000 in gift cards every three months just by staying subscribed.


JYSK has 62 locations in Canada, operating in Winnipeg, Windsor, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, and Saskatoon. Visit http://www.jysk.com to find a location near you. Stores operate 7 days a week and have long operating hours. See store details for more information.

Visit their website to find their latest promotions and sales through their weekly flyer and catalogue. Don’t miss out on this week’s special deals and save big on bedroom furniture and futon sofa beds.