Longo's Flyer - November 13, 2019 - January 08, 2020 - NO LONGER VALID

Longo's Flyer

November 13, 2019 - January 08, 2020 - NO LONGER VALID

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Longo's Flyer  - November 13, 2019 - January 08, 2020. Page 32.
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Scroll through this Longo's flyer valid from November 13, 2019 to January 08, 2020 to see the latest deals. On 76 pages of the current weekly flyer, you will find the best goods from the Grocery category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Longo's, don't forget to look through the entire flyer from page 1 to page 76. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Longo's, don’t miss the latest weekly flyer full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to Canadian Flyers every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great deals offered by your favourite retailers.

SURF & TURF 1pg (8or) Longo's Whole White Mushrooms. quartered SURF& TURF WITH SAKE-GINGER SABAYON Prepe 25 mi Ceok 30 mn Seres & to 8 Tur tenderan over Cook lor out 15 minutos or until et tharmometer negiaters 140F or medium-rare ot desired doneness. Remove to cutting board Fent with foit Chimichurri Butter: Trim off and dacard tioa from gadic wap each head in foil. Bake preheated 375F oven for bout 45 minutes ot until garlic is very soft. Cool dighely Uwrapgalic Squaere garbc polp into bo math well Mix nbutter ontil wlcombined Mx in phalicts anchavies ilantro, parsley, aregano, i ehii, vinegar, salt and pepper Transfer to serving baw Wrap well with plastic weap kshead Butter can be nefrigeratad for up to 4 days ng to room temporature bare uing 11/2 tspsalt 1sp esch Longe's Dried Basll and Oregano L4 tsp each Longo's Crushed Chis Flakes and Pepper 3 b beef tenderloin roast 1 tsp each salt and freshly ground papper Pace crab legs on rimmed baing sheet and spread ahout tbsp of sabayon aver each Brel about 5 inches from heat for about 3 minutes or unt abayon is polden and crab mt i warmed through See tenderloin Serve wth exta sabayon and crab legs 1small butternut squash, peeled and cearsely chopped faboutS cups) 1tbsp Longo's 1o0% Pure Canola Oil 2 pkgs 500g each) ully ceaked King Crab Lags and Clawi. thawed and split lengthwise 5 mall rod patatos, oarely chapped lcan 128oz/796enl) Longo's Whole Tomatoes Sake Ginger Sabayon 2cups dry sako V2 cup vegetable breth 2arge wochini, haved Per eving th ecipe secalones s prosein, 2ag fat bohydt gfibre ugar: 9tomg sodium. Stir tegethar paprika corisnder lengthwise and coarsely cayenne, sat and papper in bowl Coat bath sides of strip loin medalions with spileo mtut Cook in greased gr i pnor cstinon ikillet set over high heat, turing onoe for about 5 minutes per sitfe or until medium-rare, Tent with fol foptional) to keep warm 4 cup fresh ime julce 2 tbsp finely grated fresh ginger dLonge's Enriched Coop Egg Yolks 1 tap granulated sugar ehopped 1/2 cups Longo Organc LOBSTER TAILS AND TOP SIRLOIN WITH ROASTED GARLIC AND SPICY CHIMICHURRI BUTTER Prep 20 minplvis 45 min for garlic) Cook 0 min Serves: 8 1pkg (113g)rumbled Lengo's Original Soft, Unripaned Geat's Mik Cheese OR 12cup cheddar style threads a cop Longo's o0% Pure Canola Dil 1/4 tsp salt Heat ol in lang e Diech oven set r dum beat Add anion and garic cook for 2 minutes dd parsnips, ushrooms salt. bol, oreganoed peppar akes and pepper Cook rring for 5 miates Place lbster tals, flesh aide down, on grlpon Cook for 5 minutes. Flip aver, spread some of the buttor avar tals gook for about 3 minites or untshlls are beight red Pinch pepper 1tbap Longos Paprika 3 tbap Longa's Ground Coriander Sake Ginger Sabayon Combine saks, lime jlse o and inger in saucepan selaver medum hest Boll ighty for about 20 minites oe ui reduced to cp Va tsp each Longo's Cayenne Pepper. Salt and Papper Serve tals aongside meat adding a dollop of the thimichairri buter to the tsp f each madalion and with Sele insquash potatoes, tomatoes and broth booking the tomatues wth a saoon Eneg to a beil Recoe heat cover and simmer for about 20 ninutes or until vegetables ace ad tvd. Stir in zuechini Cock uncovered for aboud 10 minutes or uni are tender (M6h Con bo mde up to 2 days in advance) Meanele, rieao quinoa Being 3cups of wate to a boil Stir in quinoa. Recce hest cover and simmer for about 5mintes ee until quinoa is ooked theough Mound quinaa is seeving E Top wih ralasteule Sprinkle with cheose, if uing 8 beef top srlain medalians 8Lengo's Frozea Lobster Tls thaed asd cut through down the centre Place egg yolks and sgar in i Mainless steel bowl in thn Hream graduly hisk n hot ture Place howl oer pot ot simmering inot boiling) water Cook for dbout 3 mint wsking olten or until mixturie F vy thick Remove frem hiat mare butter handy, melted or at rooos tomperature. Resrve y emaiting bidtor far another use Chimicharri Butten 2large heads garlic vigecables cup Longo's 5aked Butter softened Per senving o calpries 75 protein sg fat s chydrateg fibre Ogsugrs nong sodium, na thin strem, rdally whisk oil into gg yolk mixture Add salt and pepperi set aside. ake aheod Sabayon can be covered th pastic wrap and rinorated for p to 6 hours 8ring te rae temperature before continaing 2lange shallets, minced 3anehovy fillets, minead 3 cup finely chapped fesh clntro WINTER RATATOUILLE OVER OUINOA Prop 20min Cock 50 min Serve 4 to 2 eup finely thepPped fresh parsloy 14cup finaly chopped fresh Longo's Oregano 1small Thai bied chil, eded and minced Rub tenderloin withs pepper. Heat odl in large cet on ar overproaf let set over modum high beat Seat Teriderfoin on a sides, Transfer to preheatec 500F owen Cook or 10 minutes ane 2thap Longo's Extra Virgin Olive O 1 large onien, chopped Jcloves garl. minced Per etviog /th vecipe calories 15g protein 7g fa 7d g carbohyato Is g fbre g ugars 8 mg sodum 1/2 tsp red wine vinegar 1 esp each salt and peppe 3 parips peled and coarsely chopped PERIEGAINE

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