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Let’s tame nature together

When you are out there in the wilderness, you need to 100 % rely on high-quality gear you carry on you and with you. And it’s not only the adventurous wilderness travels that you should be worried about – most of the incidents like ankle injuries and such happen during a short track or hitchhiking tour with friends or family relatives and most of these injuries are caused by low quality and unreliable equipment. That’s why MEC or Mountain Equipment Co-op is here. It provides you with exactly the right gear for every natural or unnatural occasion. It was founded in 1971 and it’s one of Canada’s top-selling outdoor recreation gear retailers that expanded across the whole state.

It all starts with equipment

Whether you are looking for amazing bikes, rentals, or a sleeping bag or shoes, MEC has just the thing for you. Whatever your adventure is, MEC gots you covered. And he can prove that with an excellent offer of various products that will také your breath away just the same as untainted Canadian nature. And you will also like the prices because they are the lowest they can be! There is simply no other retailer that sells equipment of this quality for a lower price. And you can rest assured that you can bring this price even lower with special sales and events.

Embark on your journey

You can visit the MEC store in almost any big city like Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal or Winnipeg. You should visit their official website if you are not into all that walking around aimlessly. You can not only find the nearest store but also shop on-line and you can also view the opening hours, different events taking place or read about their return policy. You can also buy a gift card for your adventurous friend or family relative as a perfect gift. Get in touch with nature and start discovering a whole new world with the gear you can depend on in any situation!

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