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FENDERS | TRAILER JACKS A​ B​ C​ D​ Trailer Fenders Prevents damaging road debris from hitting other vehicles.​ A​ Type Length (in.) Width (in.) Material Wheel Size (in.) SKU PRICE​ Skirted single 20-1/2 6-3/4 ABS 12 2080097 29.99​​ Single 23-1/4 7-1/2 Steel 12 9002668 69.99​​ B​ Single 31 9 Steel 15 2080224 79.99​​ C​ Single 32 9 Steel 15 2080078 89.99​​ D​ Tandem 72 9 Steel 16 2080095 159.99​​ JACK MAINTENANCE IS KEY TRAILER If you use your jack frequently, be sure to lubricate the moving parts with a little oil and grease from time to time. This will ensure your jack stays in top shape and ready to work when you need it. Please note: Heights listed are measured from ground to centre of mounting point E​ F​ G​ H​ I​ 3,500 lb 12V DC A-Frame Trailer Jacks • ​Handle Type: Additional manual crank • Mounting: Bolt-on Brand Name Lift Height Range (in.) Base End Type Features SKU PRICE​ Handle for manual cranking. Light for easy hookup. 8689960 199.99​​ E​ Powerfist 8-1/2 to 31 Removable 4-1/4 in. diam. foot plate F​ Powerfist 8-1/2 to 32 Removable 5-7/8 in. foot plate Seven-way connector for power. Handle for manual cranking. Light for easy hookup. 8690059 219.99​​ G​ Pro.Point 9 to 31-1/2 Removable 4-1/2 in. diam. foot plate Wireless key-fob remote. Seven-way connector for power. Handle for manual cranking. Light for easy hookup. 8787780 269.99​​ A-Frame Topwind Trailer Jacks Mounting: Bolt-on Brand Name Lifting Capacity (lb) Lift Height Range (in.) Base End Type SKU PRICE​ H​ Powerfist 2,250 8 to 23 Removable 7 x 4 in. foot plate 8689952 49.99​​ I​ Powerfist 5,000 22 to 37 Removable 7-1/2 x 3-7/8 in. foot plate 8724361 59.99​​ Flashback to 1984 J​ K​ Some things never change, like our assortment of axles, wheels, and springs that allow you to build your own trailer. That’s not a big surprise. NEW! A-Frame Trailer Jack Foot Plates ​Load Capacity (lb): 2,000 Size (in.) SKU PRICE​ J​ 6-1/4L x 4-1/2W (foot) x 8-1/2H (tube) 9089459 9.99​​ K​ 6-1/4L x 4-1/2W x 1-3/4H 9089442 7.99​​ 568 What is shocking is the phone number we advertise on the cover of the 1984 Summer Catalogue. Nearly 40 years later, you can still call 1-800-665-8685 to place an order on the phone. We’ve got the right jack for your trailer!

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