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thumbnail - Rexall Flyer - February 23, 2024 - February 29, 2024 - Sales products - bread, wheat bread, hot dog rolls, buns, burger buns, eggs, large eggs, Dove, chocolate bar, Doritos, Cheetos, Smartfood, Ruffles, salty snack, Nature Valley, oat bar, peanut butter, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, soft drink, carbonated soft drink, Boost, nappies, bath tissue, kitchen towels, paper towels, pads, detergent, Gain, Tide, fabric softener, laundry detergent, Bounce, dryer sheets, Downy Laundry, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, Always pads, Always Discreet, Always Underwear, tampons, CeraVe, facial tissues, moisturing cream, CoverGirl, skin care product, conditioner, Pantene, hair color, body lotion, anti-perspirant, fragrance, Guess, deodorant, manicure, nail enamel, polish, corrector, lipstick, mascara, face powder, pain relief, Tylenol, Glucerna, nutritional supplement, Benylin, dietary supplement, health supplement, pain therapy, vitamins, Colgate, Garnier, Sally Hansen, Tampax, Huggies, Lindt, Lindor. Page 1.
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3DAYS ONLY! Friday, February 23 - Sunday, February 25 SAN 2 FOR COCA-COLA or PEPSI Regular or Diet 6x710mL REST OF WEEK & AFTER LIMIT 5.49 $6 ea. limit 4 Black Diamond Coca-Cola 99 4.⁹9 ea. limit 3 ar 30 NET 150 or 3.29 Black Diamond Marble Mar Rexall C 500 mg ea. limit 4 DEMPSTER'S White or 100% Whole Wheat Bread 675g or Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns 8-Pack REST OF WEEK & AFTER LIMIT 3.29 ea. 500 16.⁹9⁹ 99 pkg limit 3 BUY ONE GET ONE 50%OFF 54 SEPETAL Soft Baked Oat Bars when you buy 3 GET 10,000 Be Well OR GET 6,000 when you pts buy 2 Dempsters BLACK DIAMOND Cheese Bars 400g or Shredded Cheese 320g Assorted Varieties REST OF WEEK & AFTER LIMIT 7.49 always discreet PADS FOR BLADDER LEAKS Colgate WHITE SUPER 2000 3.9⁹9 ea. COM Ravall D 1000 IU Coca-Cola Dempsters HAMBURGER Medium Mi-Port Cheday Cheer ALWAYS Discreet Underwear, Briefs or Pads Selected Types and Sizes REST OF WEEK & AFTER LIMIT 17.99 FIRE 19 Dempster's 157 H 100% WHOLE WHEAT MA 31091 EVERYDAY NEEDS MADE GOD MORNINGS always UNDERWEAR PEPSI Black Diamond MOZZA CHEDDAR SIMPLES 8 BARS/BARRES Be ULTRACRAN mpsters Peanut Butter Beurre d'arachide KIND BREAKFAST DÉJEUNER HEALTH MATTERS Total NATURE VALLEY, MADE GOOD, HEALTHY CRUNCH, KIND or LECLERC Selected Types and Sizes regular price **Mix and Match, second item to be of equal or lesser value DEVELOPE Moisturizing Cream 095-360 BAR/LOBALAISIEI-30 SAVE MORE SAVE 40%* PERSONAL CARE 60 12= REXALL BRAND, BE BETTER or OPTION+ Vitamins, Minerals or Supplements *off reg. price CLEAN MINT on select products listed CeraVe e packs an Crème hydratante LOVE OUR BRANDS COLGATE Toothpaste 40mL-150mL, Toothbrushes or Mouthwash 237mL-250mL Select Types 17x CeraVe DEVELOPMEN Moisturizing Lotion Lotion hydratante H2L Prandakattejag 2 FOR $7 RUFFLES 190g-200g, DORITOS 210g-235g, MISS VICKIE'S 200g-220g, CHEETOS 180g-310g or SMARTFOOD 170g-220g REST OF WEEK & AFTER LIMIT 3.99 ea. LARGE NEW 227 limit 6 -Am Am & CR Ho Joe Tree Actres GRADE A Large White Eggs 12-Pack REST OF WEEK & AFTER LIMIT 3.89 EXTRA STRENGTH TYLENOL COMPLETE COLD COUGH & FLU PLUS Mucus Relief or 3.99 7⁹9 pkg. limit 3 ea. limit 6 12 EGGS ea. limit 3 100% M PANTENE PROY AND SHARPOGING TA MOISTURE SAVE 10% CeraVe CLANCOUR Facial Moisturizing Lotion Hught. and are Belle Mes Vickies REGULAR World NATURE ORDINAL RECIPE RECETTE ORIGINALE 270 SCHUSHOLD Lotion faciale LINDT Swiss or Lindor or RUSSELL STOVER Chocolate Bars 85g-100g REST OF WEEK & AFTER LIMIT 3.27 0000 10 Permanent stamps Timbres Permanents Lindl SWISS CLASSIC WHITE BLANC always ULTRA THIN. W 45% 20 ALWAYS Pads, Liners or Tampons or TAMPAX Tampons Selected Types and Sizes REST OF WEEK & AFTER LIMIT 8.99 I BURNBRAE PERES 99 4.⁹9 ea. SAVE 20% NIKA -- P COMPLETE COLD, COUON'S CLU Ce 1 Doritos PANTENE PROV VOLUME 2 DFUE 20 SHAMPOO ABLE LAIT LINDOR limit 4 *off reg. price 20 HERESISTIBLY SMOOTH-LINFINI FONDANT MILK LAIT 100g LA CHOCOLATES) * CANADIAN STAMPS 10-Pack PRENEL Cheetos CROOLIANT Smartfood TAMPAX PEARL PLASTIC 10 Timbres Permanents Canada GROS DAILY LINERS always DOUBLE FADE THIN FONOR ALLRA PLUS DAYTIME MUCUS RELIEF and other preda Extra Strength LA RELI Daigh 40 TYLENOL or BENYLIN Cough, Cold, * Flu or Sinus Relief Products Selected Types and Sizes *off reg. price PANTENE CONDITIONE MOISTURE TE WALIO BENYLIN EXTRA STRENGTH Dry Cough PANTENE 4 Volume PANTENE Pro-V Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling or Treatment Selected Types and Sizes SAVE 20% CERAVE Skin Care Select Types *off reg. price GET Tide 3 DAYS ONLY! Fri., Feb. 23 - Sun., Feb. 25, 2024 25,000 pts when you LOAD and SHOP YOUR EXCLUSIVE OFFER* Be Well 12-24 GET 5,000 pts Be Well Be Well when you buy 1 Rexall Tar/fo Faclear/P INENG CANADA $10 back in pts Cashmere ht CLEAN FRESH Care Cen Nourishing Colour Cream Crome colorante nutritive 100% V NISC 25.9⁹9 pkg. GARNICR 81 NUTRISSE Cream Gain links Tide PODS DO 12 2 COVERGIRL 24 - 27.9. SAVE 25% 8.9⁹9 ea. CLEAN FRESH Healthy Love BOKORAY Comprimés d'acétaminophè 500 mg Contains Acetaminophen Contient de l'acataminaphène EXTRA STRENGTH EXTRA FO Acetaminophen Tablet 500 mg US byasan Registered Member Pricing W COVERGIRL CLEAN FRESH HUGGIES HUGGIES evernites Special DELIVERY 9.⁹9 ea. READY. SET. LOAD your special offer. Log into your Be Well account or download the app. HUGGIES little snugglers D Crème colorante nutritive 100% Minyeria V Downy THANKED CE bonce PET HAIR & LINT GUARD 24 3 1 SPINESS PLUS DOUR NUTRISSE Cream GARNIER 111 The A Cashmere Ultra Luxe CLEAN FRESH 4.99 limit 4 TIDE Liquid Laundry Detergent 1L-1.09L or Pods 12's-16's, GAIN Flings 14's-16's or Fireworks 162g, DOWNY Fabric Softener 740mL-1.53L or BOUNCE Sheets 40's-80's AFTER LIMIT & NON-MEMBER PRICE 6.99 ROLLS OROULEAUX 001 HUGGIES Super Boxed Diapers Selected Types and Sizes Suns *Digital offer is single-use only. **Not redeemable on prescriptions. Load your offer for details. Some exclusions apply. See back page for details. COVERGIRL OPTION+ or REXALL BRAND Extra or Regular Strength Acetaminophen Tablets or Caplets or * Arthritis Pain Relief Caplets Selected Types and Sizes *off reg. price Ha SAVE MORE Sponge Towels ULTRA GARNIER Nutrisse Hair Colour SHALD LOVE OUR BRANDS GARNIER D+ NUTRISSE Cream rame decolorante nutritive COVERGIRL EASY BREEZY BEAUTIFUL CANADA Scotties COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Concealer, Pressed Powder or Yummy Gloss, Lash Blast Clump Crusher, Exhibitionist Uncensored Mascara or Outlast Lipstick Supreme HYVINTAR 6 K CANADA Dove Vanilla 6.⁹⁹ ea. LAN HIGH PROTEIN HYPERPROTEINE Neste BOOST J Sallyson complete SALON MANICURE Dove 4 advanced-care B Be Well CASHMERE Bathroom Tissue Double 12-Roll or Ultra or UltraLuxe Triple 8-Roll, SPONGETOWELS Paper Towels 6-Roll or SCOTTIES Facial Tissues 6-Pack REST OF WEEK & AFTER LIMIT 7.99 15 26 Ensure CALDUM 2 FOR $26 99 8.⁹9 ea. COMUN Scan to join today +Card must be registered DOVE Anti-Perspirant or Deodorant 74g-113g Select Types WOLF 12. PROTE/PROTONES 225 25 Sally Hansen complete SALON MANICURE Dove MEN +CARE 0% COMPLETE BALANCED IN Ensure ALIMENTATION COMPLETE T HIGH PROTEIN HYPERPROTEINE ea. limit 4 Guerr 95 900 21.⁹9 99 ea. VEGAN TO DOVERI GUESS by Martine 1 f treat goodakirail pure. werd cocon exitos Bond Dove MEN +CARE s DRY SPRAY YADOR SATEL ASEC STAIN DEFENSE FRESH Glucerna [486 ENSURE, BOOST or or GLUCERNA 16.99 Meal Replacement Beverage 4-6 Pack ea. Sally Hansen. 1077 DANGER M VANILLA VANILLE VEGAN 2 Sally Hansen 1 SALLY HANSEN Complete Salon Manicure or Pure Nail Polish or Treatment good, kind. pure. COULTYA Select DESIGNER FRAGRANCES Selection May Vary By Store While Quantities Last

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