Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer - October 09, 2021 - October 14, 2021 - page 8 - NO LONGER VALID *

Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer - October 09, 2021 - October 14, 2021 - page 8 - NO LONGER VALID *

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Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer - October 09, 2021 - October 14, 2021 - Sales products - cookies, milk chocolate, pretzels, Haribo, Bounty, crackers, biscuit, Cadbury, Digestive, Trident, Welch's, fruit snacks, chocolate bar, tortilla chips, popcorn, Goldfish, Cheez-It, Bisquick, oatmeal, Harvest Snaps, corn, salmon, tomatoes, pumpkin, pasta sauce, sauce, cereals, Cream of Wheat, granola bar, Quaker, All-Bran, noodles, ginger, cinnamon, Campbell's, pistachios, trail mix, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, juice, ice tea, Clover, fruit punch, Pure Leaf, coffee, ground coffee, Starbucks, McCafe, wipes, Cottonelle, Kleenex, tissues, kitchen towels, paper towels, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Clorox, Swiffer, facial tissues, Nestlé, Oreo, chips, candy, Ferrero Rocher. Page 8.
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Scroll through this Shoppers Drug Mart flyer valid from October 09, 2021 to October 14, 2021 to see the latest deals. On 18 pages of the current weekly flyer, you will find the best goods from the Drugstores and perfumeries category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Shoppers Drug Mart, don't forget to look through the entire flyer from page 1 to page 18. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Shoppers Drug Mart, don’t miss the latest weekly flyer full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to Canadian Flyers every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great deals offered by your favourite retailers.

* Valid at all Shoppers Drug Mart stores
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6 DAYS OF SAVINGS – SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9 TO THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14 Dentyne fce It Cadbury fingers 1 EXTRA PACK. Dentyne ice SNAK PAKS MADE GOD Juicy Fruit sbearmint Chocolate Chip Granila Minis OREO mini Trident Splash Yurrienta fr RESIDA I Crispers MADE GOD O ®LOve OLOVE WRIGLEYS (Jurcy Fruit CRUNCH MADE wA REAL COCOA Trident PREMIUM OAGANC GRANOLA SARS Splash Chocolate Chip Granola Bars ALL DRESSED e S ASSAISONNÉS INTENSE NTENSES Chanie h eigetalen hl ihont pvanats 145g o cheletaced Source of irn 180g go 140 Peanut Free SELECTED GUM BOTTLES BITE4BITE 2/$5 CADBURY FINGERS (114g), CHRISTIE CRISPERS SNACK CRACKERS (145g) or KIDS COOKIES Selected Types & Sizes 299 MADE GOOD ORGANIC GRANOLA MINIS (5's), LOVE CRUNCH (6's) or MADE GOOD (5's) ORGANIC GRANOLA BARS Selected Types or 2.99 each Cadbury Checolat mvit wer ae noredents you ca Source eve seerononee Oheddar Kashi HARIBO Goldbears Jurriors SAHALE SNACKS" Trail Mix While Ceta ta KIND CLUSTERS IVANFOE NOTHING BUT New & PIrPERIDGE FARM FERRERO RONDNOIR Kashi Improved Goldfish Monaco MSA SEEDS NO ET GRAMES moed Pumpkin Chu Amanda etrosille enia Dark Mocha Almond BAKED 20 double chocolate CHEDDAR 284 g GUMT CAO Whole Grain Bars CANATE G PISTACHIOS PISTACHES witAN ActLA ce e o em Cheddar 113g 799 L m ORE WIA CCE 649 175 gsar CADBURY JUNIORS (20's), SAHALE SNACKS (113g) or PRANA CRUNCHY BITES (125g) Selected Types KIND CLUSTERS (113g), PRANA SNACKS (95g - 150g) or FERRERO BAGS (80g - 100g) Selected Types 499 PEUNCKOUS COOS HARIBO GOLDBEARS GUMMY CANDY (284g) or IVANHOE NOTHING BUT CHEESE SNACKS (60g) Selected Types 2/$6 KASHI WHOLE GRAIN BARS 5's Selected Types (2/$5 PEPPERIDGE FARM COOKIES or GOLDFISH CRACKERS Selected Types & Sizes each or 3.49 each or 2.99 each gluten freeut freevegan Hawkins ఓ 4 CENTRAL ROAST 6. Orville Redenbacher SunRype cheddar ORGANIC. fruít togo Al from Jiffu pop Jiffu pop CHEEZIES SNAX vege 10 CONCERTO MILK CHOCOLATE GINGER COOKIE CHIPS Welch's EXTRA BUTTERY CHOCOLAT AU LAIT BISCUITS CROUSTUES 240 g Haukins Fruit Snacks Collations aux Fruits RAL FR SHEEZIES (2/$5 JIFFYPOP 499 ORVILLE REDENBACHER (850g), CENTRAL ROAST (425g) POPPING CORN or ORVILLE REDENBACHER MICROWAVE POPCORN (6's) Selected Types 199 HAWKINS CHEEZIES (210g), NESTLÉ SNAX (40g - 50g) or HARVEST SNAPS SNACK CRISPS Selected Types & Sizes POPCORN 127g 299 PC COOKIE CHIPS (170g), CONCERTO (240g) or DIGESTIVE (300g) COOKIES Selected Types 99 DEL MONTE FRUIT. T CUPS (4's), each WELCH'S (10's) or SUNRYPE FRUIT SNACKS Selected Types & Sizes each each each or 2.79 each VALOR CHEEZIT Addel sugars Jans. sere ajoealE CHEEZIT SNACK FACTORY. The Original QUE PASA Felgel Crisps Whisps SPOKES OREO STEVA SERE T NEW! CHEEZIT CRUNCH SLA SATT S MER EVERYTHING/ASSAISONNES ORIGinal SMART SWEETS PENC eS CHEESE CBISPS CROUSTILLES DE FRONAGE Chips) Ahoy PARMESAN REAL CHEESE NEW! 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CLEAN CLEAN FREAK (473mL), MICROBAN SANITIZING SPRAY (425g) . or SWIFFER REFILLS (10's - 16's) Selected Types 399 WINDEX (756ml - 950mL), FANTASTIK (650mL) or SCRUBBING BUBBLES (950mL) CLEANING PRODUCTS Selected Types 399 BOUNTY PAPER TOWELS (1 Roll) or CLOROX CLEANERS (887mL - 946mL) Selected Types each each each Earn PC Optimum points at the pump. optimum Esso Mobil While quantities last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. *Our Regular Price. Esso is a trademark of Imperial Oil Limited. Imperial Oil, licensee. Mobil is trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation or one of its subsidiaries. Imperial Oil, licensee. ®/TM used under license. ...... ...... ... .... GOLEAN 01 - NAT-FF - DIG - ON

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