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New T O Poten m-pV ULLAMCO LABORIS NISI O AUTE IRURE DOLOR O OCCALCAT CUPIDATAT O IPSUM DOLORO EPREHEND VOUPTATE O VOLUPTATE VEUT ESSE O E-E, Fiyumg 115 38 227 F-qVbsin d Pmg getgu 1-骨y Q-cmat 15 40 100 F. 4E amc 36. 75 Prometen Quick access to tools and apps such as Whiteboard, Timers, Spinner, Screen Share, Capture and more. Google Play Store can be enabled to access all apps available. Microsoft supported gestures for Protect your ActivPanel investment by upgrading it to a 5 year Advanced Replacement Warranty. navigation and hands or provided pens to write, draw, and erase. Enhanced Interactivity, with 20 simultaneous touch points and simultaneous pen, touch, and palm erase. Resize, drag, and move multiple windows to multitask from several content types or apps at once. Promethean 19999 Promethean ActivCare ActivPanel 5 year Advanced Replacement Warranty Upgrade Easy connectivity and compatibility-ActivPanel Titanium has several ports, WiFiand Bluetooth to connect just about anything, whether BYOD or 3011089 3011090 /309.99 corporate devices. It's optimized for Windows 10 and compatible with MacOS, Linux, and Chrome OSTM. It supports many of your favourite video meeting applications such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and more. Backed by a 3 year Advanced Replacement Warranty. The OPS-M is a Windows Module for businesses using the Microsoft° ecosystem to create an all-in-one, large format Windows experience O Promethean on the ActivPanel. 519999 4111 Promethean ActivPanel Titanium 3011071 O/ 70" 3011072 O/ 75" /5999.99 3011073 O / 86" / 8299.99 3016114 O/ Promethean Fixed-Height Mobile Stand / 872.99 Promethean 123999 Open Pluggable Specification Mini PC 3011084 Installation Services Staples Preferred can help with your installation needs. If you need on-site installation of displays and video conferencing equipment, please call 1-833-206-1933 for details. Discover more at 13 () O Extended delivery terms apply. See online for details. 1IN

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