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Start your timer GO 23:43:42 O SAMSUNG Retail Trend 3F Interior & Living - lebe erie td y Poduct Report l 3-DIMENSIONAL DRAWING t 800 on Houston Fist Roor I VI s C for new strategy EreY HAL 1F d today TokEr TASK ST coron dhec oakoy *Cnemptorgtsce y Ages pt h lo 55 USD O opt in br t5 USD oct in for 75 USD SALCONY GLOBAL MARKETREVENUE BALCONY Retail 3 ntarior ivng 14x4 Trend eport 65% displays from Samsung 2am& Core Fashion 45% COVERED PORCH food Horert 83% As the modern workplace evolves, businesses require more versatile displays to ensure ease of connectivity, uninterrupted communication and expand idea sharing. Samsung offers a wide range display options and accessories to help turn any office space into a productive environment. LEARN MORE 09:3011:30. SAMSUNG 54999 13" screen QB13R-T 3015590 /non-touch 3015596 / touch /748.99 C) 14 The Future of Video Conferencing 14-15-PCAM-EN-Vo1

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