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DESIGNED FOR INSHORE // LIGHT COMPACT & THE PERFECT MATCH FOR YOUR FAVORITE INSHORE SPECIES. Our low-profile saltwater baitcaster has the feel of a premium freshwater reel, but it's nothing snook, redfish, or even tarpon want to mess with. Pair it with one of our inshore rods, and you'll never again settle for lesser gear. Internal 6-pin centrifugal cast control plus the easy fine-tuning of external magnetic control. GREAT BALANCE. COMFORTABLE PALMING. Recurve handle and drag star design for smooth, error-free handling 116 Powerful star drag system with up to 14 lbs. of wear-'em-down drag power Offshore Angler™ Inshore Extreme® Baitcast Reel $ 1-piece machinedaluminum frame with washdown holes 99 99 2428726 Quality 7+1 bearing system with 3 corrosion-resistant ball bearings PRODUCT SELECTION VARIES BY STORE. SEE BASSPRO.COM AND CABELAS.COM FOR YOUR LOCAL STORE'S AVAILABILITY.

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