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LOAD YOUR BAITWELL BEFORE HEADING OUT A Mix Ultraskin B Flash 'N' Skin C Red Veilskin A, B, E, F. Offshore Angler™ Sabiki® Rigs Catch bait quickly with these premium pre-tied rigs. Easy access. Ready to fish. 6-hook rigs. E Green Glowskin $1.99 / 1079824 D Green Ultraskin G Feather Skin Flash F Yarnskin C, D, G. Offshore Angler™ Sabiki® Rig with Fluorocarbon Leader The ultimate bait rig, tied on a fluorocarbon leader for invisibility and tangle-free deployment. $2.69 / 1062298 HOOK SIZE CHART (APPROXIMATE) 6 8 10 12 14 H JUST TIE ON AND LOWER INTO THE WATER. QUICK AND EFFECTIVE! Hage Fish Skin Aurora STARTING AT 4 K I J Hage Kawa Hage Fish Skin Glow L $ 99 1085529 H–P. Hayabusa Japanese Sabiki® Hot Hooks Bait Rigs Feather and Yarn M Makes catching bait faster and simpler than ever. Choose from a wide variety of effective sizes and patterns. 6-hook rig, unless otherwise noted. N Mixed Yarn O Saba Aurora Mixed Flasher > 1.800.227.7776 P Mixed Yarn and Mackerel Fish Skin | 1.800.237.4444 > Mixed Flasher 193

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