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TOP-QUALITY FLY LINE, LEADER, AND TIPPET. WORLD WIDE SPORTSMAN HELEWENG PELK FAN MAGIBRAID EL SPUN FLY LINR RAGHINDAR WORLD WIDE SPORTSMAN MAGIBRAID ExtremeⓇ Tippet 30-yard spool. Color: Clear. Sizes: 6-16 lb. $3.99 W 1202555 1617956 GEL SPUN PREMIUM FLY LINE BACKING LIGNE À MOUCHER DE FOND DE QUALITÉ SUPERIEURE DE FOND DE QUALITE SUPERIEURE MAGIBRAID™ MAGIBRAID™ Gel Spun Backing Color: Yellow. Sizes: 30 lb./150, 300, 600 yards, 50 lb./300 yards. Made in USA. STARTING AT $15.99 PREMIUM FLY LINE BACKING SKLC m Patan Pratch Incre a devebrarecidiye - Mettroutch XTREME. 30yds. 10 b. test MADE IN USA U Made in Japan. Tippet Material Wetterproof and UVEDBANE pensquale Bacion parka plange coperte suppor INTUPOTRESLO Largemodernista Maur UNS MADE IN COLORADOLFABRIQUE EN COLORADO EXTREMEⓇ TM 27.4m épreuve de 4.5 kg Fabrique by Japon Tissu d'Etole 10 33548 53560 4 Bass Pro Shops, 2500 E. Kearney Springfield, MO 65898 > 1.800.227.7776 Johnny Maris SINCE 1967 WORLD WIDE SPORTSMAN EXTREME SALTWATER FLY LINE Soie à moucher en mer MADE IN USA EXTREME. ExtremeⓇ Tapered Leader Color: Clear. Sizes: 8'L 6-12 lb., 10'L 8-16 lb. $3.⁹⁹/ 99 WFBF 10 274m Extreme Floating Fly Line Color: Sky Blue. 90'L. Made in USA. Sizes: 8-12 wt. $49⁹9 / 1736297 EXTREME. 1617932 1.800.237.4444 > CLUB MEMBER PRICE $39.98 SAVE $10 Reg. $49.99 Valid 12/11/23-4/30/24. See page 11*. WORLD WIDE SPORTSMAN EXTREME Eleoca WWS Extreme Sky Blue 10ft. 3m MENE do dn 4.5 kg 209

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