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PEST CONTROL Rodent Traps Traps|Rodent Mouse Traps Traps|Mouse Rat Traps Traps|Rat Glue|Traps Traps|Glue Gopher Traps Traps|Gopher A​ C​ B​ E​ D​ Pest Control and Insecticides G​ F​ Live Rodent Traps H​ I​ J​ • A humane way to catch and release rodents. • Easy to use: Simply set and bait. • Reusable.​ Type Overall Dimensions (in.) Material Packaging (qty) SKU PRICE​ A​ Metal mouse trap 10-5/16L x 6-3/16W x 2H Metal 1 2470114 24.99​​ B​ Multiple catch mouse trap 7-1/4L x 4-1/4W x 1-3/4H ABS 1 8538209 9.99​​ FARM Mouse Traps C​ Type Overall Dimensions (in.) Material Features Packaging (qty) SKU PRICE​ Easyset mouse traps 4L x 1-3/4W x 5/8H Wood and metal Pre-baited with non-toxic large scented “Swiss cheese” trip pedal. 4 8538035 4.99​​ Plastic and metal Large bait trough on oversized trip pedal. 2 8538050 7.99​​ Plastic and metal Proven quick-set design with new kill-point feature. 2 8801920 9.99​​ D​ Power-Kill mouse traps 3-3/4L x 2W x 2-1/4H E​ Quick-set mouse trap 3-3/8L x 2W x 1-5/8H ​ at Traps R Type Overall Dimensions (in.) Material Packaging (qty) SKU PRICE​ F​ Metal pedal 7L x 3-1/4W x 1H Wood and metal 1 2470115 4.99​​ G​ Power-Kill 5-3/8L x 3W x 2-3/4H Highly durable plastic and steel 2 8801938 9.99​​ Glue Rodent Traps • Proprietary glue formula. • Pre-baited, non-toxic and disposable.​ Type Overall Dimensions (in.) Material Packaging (qty) SKU PRICE​ H​ Mouse glue board -​ Cardboard 2 8801946 3.49​​ I​ Hold-Fast glue mouse traps 4-1/2L x 3-1/4W x 1/4H Plastic and glue 4 8538084 6.99​​ J​ Hold-Fast glue rat traps 10L x 5W x 1/2H Plastic and glue 2 8538092 9.99​​ ​ Electronic Mouse Trap 2 pk Mini PestChaser Gopher Trap • Choker loop-style trap. • Poison-free. • Material: Metal and plastic​​ 8006912  126 14 99​ Varying ultrasonic sound waves prevents rodents from getting used to the sounds. Red LED light shows unit is working properly.​​ 8538068  29 • Delivers a high-voltage shock to humanely kill the mouse. • Has a 100% kill rate. • Overall Dimensions (in.): 6-1/4L x 3-3/16W x 1-3/4H • Material: Plastic and metal​​ 99 8538217 ​  36 99​ We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

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