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WEATHER INSTRUMENTS | INDOOR GARDENING Indoor Grow Lights, Thermometers and Rain Gauges Outdoor Thermometers Temperature Range: -50 to 50°C (-60 to 120°F) Type SKU PRICE​ 13-1/2 in. 9043704 14.99​​ 9043696 7.99​​ 5 in. 5 in. Rain Gauge It features a yellow rain indicator float, bold markings and ground-spike mounting. 9043720  19 99​ Seed Starting Soil Mix ​ ize: 13.2 litre​​ S 9096611  8 99​  0 pk 3 in. Seed 1 Starting Pots Material: Peat ​9096587  2 49​ Outdoor Thermometers Thermometers|Outdoor Rain|Gauges Provide full-spectrum light for photorespiration and Gauges|Rain a healthy harvest. Grow Lights NEW! Grow|Lights LED Grow Lights Lights|Grow Seed an Starting|Soil • Feature a linkable design, average life of 30,000 hours, hanging chains, Soil, Seed Starting on/off pull cord and standard AC plug. Seed Starting|Pots • Vibration and impact resistant. • Lens Material: PVC Pots|Seed Starting • Mounting Type: Hanging Grow Light|Bulbs Bulbs|Grow Light Length Wattage (W) SKU PRICE​ Grow Light|Suspension Cables 2 ft 25 9089897 Light 39.99​​ Suspension Cables|Grow Grow Light|Rope Pulleys 4 ft 40 9015660 59.99​​ Rope Pulleys|Grow Light ​ Mechanical|Timers Timers|Mechanical Plant|Food LED 9W Food|Plant Grow Light Bulb • Low heat emission and Plant|Pots LED 33W Grow Light low energy consumption. Bulb with ReflectorPots|Plant • Easy to install and use in any • Features a reflector, average life of 30,000 hours and a standard E26 base that fits most light sockets. • Vibration and impact resistant.​​ 9015652 99  ​ 34 FARM 16 99​ NEW! 6 pk 4 in. Plastic Grower Pots 9089905  2 99​  pk Grow Light 2 Stainless-Steel Suspension Cables 4 99​ Use this hangitng kit with grow lights to hang them over plants, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs and more. 9015686   iracle-Gro Water Soluble All-Purpose M Plant Food 24-8-16 Helps grow bigger/beautiful plants compared unfed garden/potted plants.​​ 9051590  regular home light socket.​​ 9015678  2 pk Grow Light Rope Pulleys • Use these rope pulleys with grow lights to hang them over plants, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs and more. • Capacity (lb): 150 • Rope Size (in.): Length: 60​​ 9015694  9 99​ 9 99​  4-Hour 2 Mechanical Timer • Turn off and on grow lights, small appliances and more. Programmable. • Voltage Rating (V AC): 125 • Current Rating (A): 15​​ 9015702 99  ​ 12 PRINCESS AUTO & CANADIAN FARMS Celebrating a rich history since 1933 Canadian farmers have always been an integral part of Princess Auto’s history. In our earliest days, we supplied the equipment that farmers needed to earn a living on the Prairies. Although we didn’t call them categories back then, farm products represented our very first line of manufactured items. Thanks to the hard-working Canadians that count on us, we now offer a large assortment of tools and equipment to a diverse group of farmers all across our country. 128 We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

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