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HYDRAULICS POWER UNIT PARTS & ACCESSORIES | PTO PUMPS 12V DC Snowplow Manifold • Operates all functions of a power-operated angling snowplow. Lift-hold-lower function with float. Crossover reliefs protect the system if the blade becomes obstructed. • Remote Included. • Use with 12V DC multifunction power packs 8478141 and 8478158 to make a snowplow power pack.​ 8410920​  699 99​ Did you know? Pump mounting brackets make it easy to create a gas or electric power unit. Gas Engine Pump Mounting Bracket Pump Steel Power Unit Enclosure Protects the power unit from moisture, dirt, salt and other contaminants. Lid easily removes for quick access to the power unit. Grommet holes for the addition of remote controls.​ 8512428​  249 99​ A​ B​ C​ Gas Engine Pump Mounting Brackets Speeds up assembly time and ensures proper shaft alignment.​ Snowplow|Manifolds Manifolds|Snowplow Hydraulic Power Unit|Mounting Plates Mounting Plates|Hydraulic Power Unit Hydraulic Power Unit Mounting Plate Hydraulic|PTO Pump • Use as a base to build a custom power pack. Mount PTO Pumps, Hydraulic gas or electric power units, reservoirs up to 15 gallons, valving, etc. Constructed with 10-gauge steel. Hydraulic Power Unit|Steel Enclosures Mounting plate only. Gas engine and reservoir Steel•Enclosure|Hydraulic Power Unit sold separately.​ Gas Engine|Pump Mounting Brackets 8696734​  Mounting Brackets Pump A) Gas Engine 149 99 PTO Pumps • Ideal for use with front-end loaders on tractors without integral hydraulics, landscape equipment and backhoes. Slips onto tractor’s PTO shaft, no gearbox required. Self-adjusting wear plates on both sides of the gears reduce wear and expansion. • Pressure Rating (PSI): 2,500 • Connection Size: Inlet: 16/Outlet: 12 • Connection Type: ORBF • Speed Rating (RPM): 540 • Shaft Diameter (in.): 6-tooth spline 1-3/8 Displacement (cu. in.) Gas Engine Displacement (cc) Mounting Type ITEM PRICE​ 163 to 212 2-Bolt SAE A 8673287 59.99​​ 163 to 212 4-Bolt and 2-Bolt SAE AA 8673279 69.99​​ 270 to 653 2-Bolt SAE A 8673303 69.99​​ 270 to 653 4-Bolt and 2-Bolt SAE AA 8673295 79.99​​ ​ B) C-Face Electric Motor Motor Frame Size Pump Mount Type ITEM PRICE​ 56C, 56HC 2-Bolt SAE AA 8673253 59.99​​ 184TC 2-Bolt SAE A 8673261 89.99​​ 56C, 56HC 4-Bolt and 2-Bolt SAE AA 8673246 69.99​​ C) Foot and Plate Style Mounting Type Pump Mount Type ITEM PRICE​ Foot 4-Bolt 8673220 39.99​​ Flow Rate (GPM) ITEM PRICE​ 3.41 6.8 8670275 549.99​​ Foot 2-Bolt SAE A 8673238 36.99​​ 9.76 20.7 8670291 599.99​​ Pump plate 2-Bolt SAE B 8076028 74.99*​ ​ *Available online or by special order only ​ 16 See us for truck-mount snowplow cylinders and components!

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