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COMPLETE DIY MD808 All System Code Reader SKU 8792137 AUTO SOLUTION AL629 AL529 AL439 SKU 8863276 SKU 8792061 SKU 8454340 4 System Code Reader Advanced Engine Code Reader Electrical Test Tool AL329 Engine Code Reader AL301 AP200 SKU 8454308 SKU 8941304 Engine Code Reader All System Code Reader SKU 8792095 FEATURES & FUNCTIONS MD808 AL629 AL529 AL439 AL329 AL301 AP200 Read/Clear Engine DTCs x x x x x x x Read/Clear ABS & SRS DTCs x x x Read/Clear Trans DTCs x x x 1-Touch I/M Readiness Check x x LED Indicator Lights x x x x x x O2 & On-Board Monitoring Test x x x x x Graphing x x x x x All System AutoSCAN BMS / EPB / SAS / OLS / DPF x x x Electrical Testing x Read/Clear GM/Ford/Chrysler Power System Codes x x x Full Color Display x x x x Print Data Via PC x x x x Free Software Downloads x x x x (for life of tool) 1-SENSOR Universal Programmable TPMS Sensor x x x x From One Manufacturer TS508 Complete TPMS Service Tool SKU 8863235 SKU 8863243 • Combined Frequency: 315MHz & 433MHz • Press Release Button to Replace Valve Stems • Program to Replace 99% of OE Sensors WEB: AUTEL.COM | SUPPORT: 1.855.288.3587 EMAIL: [email protected] x FOLLOW US @AUTELTOOLS • 4 MX-Sensor Programming Options • Exclusive TPMS System Status Screen • Read/Relearn All Known Sensors

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