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ANTIFREEZE | COOLANTS | LUBRICANTS | CLEANERS WE OFFER A WIDE SELECTION OF ANTIFREEZE, COOLANTS, CLEANERS AND LUBRICANTS TO PROTECT AND MAINTAIN AUTOMOTIVE ENGINES AND OTHER AUTO COMPONENTS A​ B​ C​ D​ F​ E​ G​ H​ I​ NEW! Antifreeze/Coolants • ​Container Size: 3.78 litre • Temperature Rating: -37°C (98.6°F) NEW! NEW! Brake Parts Cleaners Brand Name Type SKU PRICE​ A​ Turbo Power Universal 50/50 premixed 8294415 14.99*​ F​ B​ Turbo Power Global 50/50 premixed 9049453 14.99*​ G​ C​ Turbo Power Universal concentrate 8294399 22.99*​ H​ D​ Shell ELC nitrite-free 50/50 9050832 19.99​​ I​ E​ Shell ELC nitrite-free concentrate 9050824 24.99​​ J​ *Available in-store only J​ ​ Brand Name Type Container Size SKU PRICE​ Emzone Non-chlorinated 390 g 8774879 6.99*​ Blaster Non-chlorinated 397 g 9118159 7.99*​ Kleen-Flo Chlorinated 390 g 8201907 7.99*​ CRC Non-chlorinated 397 g 9102997 8.99*​ CRC Chlorinated 539 g 9103011 9.99*​ *Available in-store only ​ TECH TIP Winter Vehicle Kit Assemble your own basic winter car kit: include booster cables, a blanket, tow rope, small shovel, first aid kit with seatbelt cutter, a candle in a deep can with matches, windshield fluid rated for -40°C, and sand for traction on ice and packed snow. AUTO REPAIR K​ L​ Container Size SKU PRICE​ Permatex 28 g 8886715 11.99​​ L​ Permatex 236 ml 8886038 25.99​​ Automotive Engine Cleaners and Degreasers Removes gum and varnish to maximize fuel economy and performance. M​ Type Container Size Kleen-Flo Choke and Carb Kleen *Available in-store only 404 g ​ SKU 8 99​ Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner K​ Brand Name ​ ontainer Size: 946 ml C 8692527  NEW! M​  ilicone Ceramic S Brake Lubricants Brand Name Multi-Surface Engine Cleaner and Degreaser PRICE​ 8050528 7.99*​ • Increases horsepower. • Improves air-to-fuel ratio and fuel economy. • Safe on plastic. • Dries in seconds. • Container Size: 312 g • Available in-store only​ 9103029  12 99​ NEW! Throttle Body Kleen • Removes gum and varnish from throttle bodies and valves. • Improves ignition and engine performance. • Container Size: 340 g • Available in-store only​ 9103003  11 99​ PREMIUM AUTO CARE Automotive Care - A/C Refrigerants Industrial Care - Household Care Signal Air Horns - Computer Care PROUDLY MADE IN CANADA 364 EMZONE.CA See us for trade, precision and specialty tools!

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