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CAR CARE PRODUCTS | CLEANERS B​ A​ Towels/Sponges/Mitts​ Brand Name Type Number of Pieces SKU PRICE​ A​ Grip 12 x 12 in. microfibre cloths 12 8907289 8.99​​ B​ Meguiar’s 30 x 22 in. water magnet microfibre drying towel 1 8560393 15.99​​ C​ D​ E​ F​ Invisible Glass Cleaners and Treatments​ Type Container Size Type Container Size C​ Premium glass cleaner wipes 28 wipes 8431132 9.99*​ E​ Premium glass cleaner aerosol 539 g 8431157 9.99*​ D​ Premium glass cleaner spray 643 ml 8431140 9.99*​ F​ Glass cleaner and rain repellent 643 ml 8679813 9.99*​ *Available in-store only SKU PRICE​ PRICE​ ​ TECH TIP When was the last time you checked your washer fluid container? Industrial-Strength Glass Cleaner • Container Size: 624 g • Available in-store only​ 8172348  7 99​ It is crucial that nothing obstructs your view when driving, so having a full container ensures you’re always prepared to clear any dirt or grime on your car’s windshield. G​ AUTO REPAIR SKU H​ I​ J​ Windshield Washer Fluid Brand Name G​ Summer Thunder Type Container Size Temperature Rating Packaging (qty) SKU PRICE​ Summer bug and tar 4 litre Protects and cleans to 0°C 1 8776833 2.99*† H​ Rain-X Summer ClearView bug and tar 3.78 litre Protects and cleans to 0°C 1 8932436 4.49​† I​ Turbo Power All-season turbo power 3.78 litre Protects and cleans to -40°C 1 9042177 4.19*​ J​ Rain-X All-season ClearView de-icer 3.78 litre Protects and cleans to -40°C 1 8904492 5.99*​ *Available in-store only 368 †Subject to seasonal availability. See us for trade, precision and specialty tools!

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