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LUBRICANTS | CLEANERS & DEGREASERS NEW LOOK, COMING SOON HAVE A TOUGH JOB? USE A WD40.CA/SPECIALIST B​ A​ C​ D​ F​ E​ WD-40 Container Size SKU Mini spray can 85 g 8929929 6.49*​ B​ Spray can 11 oz 6420152 8.99*​ C​ Bonus 342 g 8208480 8.99*​ 325 g 9042763 10.99*​ 3.78 litre 6420145 49.99*​ Bulk refill *Available in-store only ​ I​ Type Container Size SKU PRICE​ F​ Silicone spray lubricant 311 g 8003463 9.99*​ G​ White lithium grease 290 g 8003464 9.99*​ H​ High-performance penetrant spray 311 g 8003446 9.99*​ PRICE​ A​ D​ Smart-straw spray can AUTO REPAIR H​ 3-In-One Professional Type E​ G​ J​ *Available in-store only K​ ​ L​ M​ N​ O​ WD-40 Specialist Best-in-class specialty products formulated to help you get specific tasks done with ease.​ Type Container Size Applications SKU PRICE​ I​ Rust-release penetrant spray 311 g Ideal for loosening rusted bolts, threads, locks and chains and preventing rust and corrosion. 8480196 11.99*​ J​ Water-resistant silicone lubricant 311 g Ideal for lubricating, waterproofing and protecting cables, pulleys, guide rails, valves, linkages, hinges, locks and more. 8480204 11.99*​ K​ High-performance white lithium grease 283 g Ideal for lubricating hinges, gears, sprockets, latches, garage door tracks, pulleys, cables and guide rails. 8480212 11.99*​ L​ Dirt- and dust-resistant dry lube PTFE spray 283 g Ideal for lubricating and protecting blades, bits, door and window tracks, slides, conveyor belts, rollers, hinges, power tools and equipment and releasing moulded parts. 8560351 11.99*​ 283 g Ideal for lubricating vertical surfaces and moving parts, such as chains, cables, gears, rollers and bearings. 8708208 14.99*​ M​ Spray and stay gel lubricant *Available in-store only ​ N) WD-40 Bike Chain Cleaner & Degreaser • Foaming action clings to surfaces to deeply penetrate and quickly remove stubborn grease and grime from bike chains and the rest of the drivetrain. • Container Size: 283 g • Available in-store only​ 8929952  384 O) WD-40 All-Conditions Bike Chain Lube 13 99​ • High-performing lubrication in dry, wet or varying conditions. • Container Size: 170 g • Available in-store only​ 8929945  13 99​ Everything you need, from oil changes to body repair!

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