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BATTERY TESTERS | BATTERY BLANKETS A​ B​ C​ D​ Battery Load Testers A​ Brand Name Type Voltage Rating (V) Load Test Capacity Powerfist Battery load tester 6 and 12 100A Battery/alternator tester/voltmeter 12 and 24 1,000A Digital battery load tester 12 125A Battery load tester 6 and 12 50A at 12V; 100A at 6V B​ Schumacher C​ Powerfist D​ Schumacher Applications SKU Tests the battery condition, charging 8494031 system and starter motor. Tests battery state of charge and charging system output. PRICE​ 44.99​​ 8927246 49.99​​ Tests the battery condition, charging 8560401 system and starter motor. 59.99​​ Tests the battery condition, starter motor draw and complete charging system diagnosis. 8016416 74.99​​ ​ NEW! NEW! 120V Battery/Blanket Warmers • Oil- and acid-resistant, flame-retardant covering for long-lasting performance. • Wraps around the battery to reduce strain during cold-weather starts. • Should not be used when the temperature is above the freezing mark. • Cord Length (ft): 3 12V Digital Battery Analyzer • Tests 12V DC charging systems and 200 to 1,200A LA/AGM/VRLA batteries. • Digital display. • Clear/easy-to-understand results. • Two ft cable. • Battery Test Capability: 200 to 1,200A battery types: LA, AGM and VRLA 9067968  Wattage (W) 49 99 ​ Length (in.) SKU PRICE​ 50 28 9089715 49.99​† 80 36 9089723 54.99​† 160 72 9089731 89.99​† AUTO REPAIR ​†Subject to seasonal availability. Flashback to 1989 GRAND RAPIDS INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS 12V Automatic Float Charger • Power/charging indicator lights show whether the unit is receiving power and the battery is charging. • Automatic emergency shut-off protects batteries from damage. • Alligator clamps provide a secure connection to battery terminals. • Voltage Rating (V DC): 13.5 (output) • Voltage Rating (V AC): 120 • Amperage Rating (A): 0.5​​ 8729188  Take a look in the lower-left corner of our 1989 catalogue and what do you see? A gear puller that looks exactly like the one we have on page 417. You know what they say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 15 99​ Proudly Canadian since 1933 | National Call Centre: 1-800-665-8685 395

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