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HIGH-VIS WORK GLOVES | LEATHER WORK GLOVES High-Vis Reflective Work Gloves​ Size External Material Lining Material SKU PRICE​ Size External Material Lining Material SKU PRICE​ Large Cowhide leather - 8545022 9.99​​ Large Cowhide leather - 8545030 9.99​​ A​ B​ Large Lined Coated Gloves Brand Name Material A​ Horizon B​ Watson Lining Material Cotton Coating Material Colour Features Nitrile Red and blue Extra durable. Protect against oil, grease and various other chemicals. 8078818 14.99​† New foam nitrile Yellow and black Repels liquid for a firm wet/dry grip. 8324212 14.99​† Acrylic pile 2-Layer Brushed fleece cotton knit SKU PRICE​ ​†Subject to seasonal availability. Large American Roper Gloves • One-piece leather palm and rubberized safety cuff. • Colour: Tan Brand Name Size External Material Lining Material SKU PRICE​ Watson Large Cowhide leather Cotton jersey 8483927 14.99​​ C​ D​ E​ F​ G​ H​ Leather Work Gloves External Material: Cowhide leather C​ Size Lining Material Kids Cotton - D​ Small Colour Packaging (qty) Applications SKU PRICE​ Assorted 1 pr For playing and fun with Mom and Dad. 5050083 7.99​​ Yellow and beige 1 pr For renovation and construction. 8082489 11.99​​ For renovation and construction. 8520389 5.99​​ E​ Large Cotton Green and grey 1 pr F​ XL Cotton and polyester Assorted 1 pr For renovation and construction 8082505 11.99​​ Cotton Grey 4 pr For general applications, home and work. 8166084 17.99​​ G​ Large SHOP & GARAGE H​ Large Cotton and polyester palm lining Denim and grey 12 pr For yard work, car repair and general construction. 8004872 39.99​​ A GLOVE TO FIT ANY JOB 3/8” 446 71/8” Get hand trucks and dollies for moving heavy items!

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