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About the Home Depot

The Home Depot is a home improvement retail company that sells tools, construction supplies, home appliances, paint, plumbing and flooring products, garden, and plants. In Canada, its 182 stores across the country are 100,000 square feet, with over 40,000 products designed to improve Canadian homes.

First an American company, The Home Depot entered Canadian soil back in 1994 and was later owned by the Molson Companies. It opened its stores first in Toronto, then expanded in 10 provinces, and has now become Canada’s top home improvement supplies retail company.

The Home Depot caters to all their customer’s needs and provides excellent customer service and the best shopping experience. They have a few awards under their belts such as Canada’s top employers for young people and best diversity employers, to name a few. Find out more on

Why people shop at Home Depot

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Schedule and retail locations

There are 2 stores in Vancouver, one in Grand Prairie, Alberta, 4 in Calgary, and 18 locations in Mississauga alone! Operating hours may vary.

Don’t miss out on on-sale items and stay informed, visit their website at to find a store near you.

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