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When you need supplies, you go to Bureau en Gros

Staples Canada Inc., which is known as Bureau en Gros in Quebec, is one of the biggest Canadian office supply retail chains you can find. It was found by Sycamore Partners in 1991 and since then it expanded across the globe with its many branches and amazing services. In Canada, Staples is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and it’s one of the most profitable office supply chains in Canada. You won’t find anything like this.

Offering a unique and high-quality customer experience

If you are looking for a reliable supplier or you just want to buy yourself a few office needs, you are in the right place. The Staple is famous all around the globe for its popular and huge variety of products and high-quality goods. You will also save a lot of money because Staple offers its customers many occasions where they can buy a lot of products for the best possible price and with that they also offer huge sales and specials like Black Friday sales or you can use coupons for an even lower price. Staple has also a circulair business model that captures even the most distant customers and offers them high-quality services. It has also legendary delivery which will deliver your goods bought online the next day free of charge and that’s amazing!

Should you visit or buy online?

That depends solely on you. Some people like to see the goods for themselves before they do any kind of shopping and that’s why you will find branches „near me“ on their official website https://www.bureauengros.com and you will discover that their branches are almost everywhere – from Gatineau, Montreal, Quebec, Rimouski to Drummondville. And you will find in these stores almost anything – from business cards, papers, pens, office machines to office furniture. You can even find a laptop for a good price! So if you are in Canada do not hesitate and get yourself a flyer where you will find the latest info and goods and ongoing sales. Don’t hesitate even on Boxing day and get the things you always wanted in your office!.

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