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Can you hear me?

Telus is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Canada which provides a huge variety of different products and services to all its Canadian customers including internet access, voice, video, and IPTV television and its mother company also offers services and products in specific areas like healthcare. Telus is based in  Vancouver, British Columbia where it moved from Edmonton. It was founded in  1990 by the Canadian state. If you have internet access or TV at home, you are probably a customer of Telus, but if you are not – you will be once you visit their official website

Telecommunication as a blood vein of 21st century

There is a constant need for upgrade and higher speed and more stable connection and more TV channels and higher quality of streaming that it’s insane. However, Telus can offer all this and even more because as one of the biggest and most popular companies in Canada, it has much to offer. Whether you are looking for mobility,  great customer service, mobile or TV services, Telus is the right place to go. And if you don’t like walking, that’s ok, because now you can set up everything from the comfort of your home through My Telus account service, where you can change, set up or end any service you want. You can also check out their stock for more products that they offer and that can help you achieve the best possible experience with the internet and television. They also have webmail and you can do a speed test of your current connection to see how much you would have improved your speed if you chose Telus.

The future is truly friendly

So do not wait and contact them on their public phone number of customer support or you can visit one of their branches near you. It doesn’t matter what are your plans, you will achieve them all with Telus. So whether you are in Toronto or Quebec, just give them a call and everything will be done in a minute. And don’t forget to set up an account for much easier communication!

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