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the future of video New technology and features are solving past pain points for a more conferencing. personal experience. Beamforming Audio Acoustic Fencing Ensures premium audio quality by Eliminate distracting background noises creating beams from the speaker to HD with this technology in which multiple the receiver within the room, while microphones create a virtual audio supporting signal reception. fence around the speaker. Speaker Recognition Enhanced Quality Make sure the right person gets visibility 8 with cameras that follow sounds, g Relying more and more on video, KA workers require a better quality picture and zooming in on whoever is speaking. clearer audio for seamless communication. the new conference room Screen Placement: Put the presentation displays above a smaller display that shows Whiteboard Whiteboard remote colleagues. Camera goes in between for better eye contact. Screen Size: Screen is roughly table width. Reduces chance that someone's head will block part of the screen. 2 Main Table: Table curved to give everyone a view. No chairs at head of table to block screens. Bonus! Make it bar height: Bar height table adds flexibility to stand or sit. Standing up won't interrupt or feel dominant. 3 Outfield Table: Spillover from main table, for people taking notes or driving whiteboard conversations. Great as high top table with stools. Whiteboard Cart: Flexible for breakaway conversations, visibility, and allows work to Whiteboard Wall leave the room post-meeting. Discover more at 03 [) (面

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