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IGA flyers
IGA flyers


IGA is the largest group of independent grocers in Canada, operating in Quebec since 1953, although its first fruit and vegetable store opened as late as 1873 in the Old Port of Montreal.

It was acquired by Sobeys when the retailer bought the Oshawa Group Ltd., and it now operates essentially in the province of Quebec, while some stores are still run in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Dieppe in New Brunswick. 

The IGA extra supermarket is bigger than IGA stores as it carries more merchandise, similar to a hypermarket model, but with a boutique feel, and provides customers with a pharmacy, a bakery, a bank, a bistro, and a post office.


  • Online grocery: IGA makes life easier by offering a convenient way to shop for your daily groceries online. All you have to do is search through categories, add items to your cart, pay, and get your bags delivered to your door.
  • Catering service: IGA offers easy to order catering menus and platters prepared within 24 hours for a hassle-free party. You can choose a variety of finger foods, sandwiches, sushi, cheeses, as well as customized cakes.
  • Environmentally friendly: they take initiative to reduce our environmental footprint with their reusable bags and mesh bags made from recycled plastic bottles. They also added quick charging stations for electric vehicles to IGA parking lots.
  • Their website: IGA’s website allows you to discover new recipes ideas, organic products, seasonal produce, imported wine selections, and ready to eat dishes.   
  • Gives back to the community: involved and contribute through associations and partnerships for important causes such as La Guignolée food drive, and The Montreal Heart Institute Foundation.
  • Weekly flyer: IGA publishes online flyers valid from Thursday to the following Wednesday. Go to https://www.iga.net to check out their weekly ad and flyer this week.


In Montreal alone, there are over 100 stores to better serve you with long operating hours. They are open 7 days a week, Mondays through Sundays from 8 am to 11 pm. Visit https://www.iga.net to find your local grocery store.  

Make sure to search through their personalized flyer for next week’s specials on a selection of popular foods and produce.