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CHALO! FRESH CO 19⁹9 of Hot compliments 142 g/5 or wa SAVE $181 298 SAVE $705 9.94 Strawberries Product of USA or Mexico No. 1 Grade 454 g Blackberries 170 g Product of Mexico Fraises, mûres Green Giant. Géant Vert. Green Giant Geant Vert CAN 100% NATURALI NATUREL SUMMER SWEET PEAS POIS D'ÉTÉ NADA S CARAVAN Super Golden Basmati Rice Très-Savoureux Bon Rix Fine Kir on Ru H My با برنج سیر با سمتی طلائی علیم کاروان) . مرغوبترین برنج دنیا دستر خوان نان را رونق دهید Green Giant. éant Vert. SUMMER SWEET PEAS ANADA A VALUELICIOUS DEALS 14 SAVE $163 I can't believe it's not Butter! I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! 427 g reg 3.47 Tartinade 299 Compliments Baby Arugula, Spinach or Spring Mix 142 g or Fresh Attitude Baby Kale Blend 142 g Jeune roquette, jeunes épinards ou mélange printanier ou mélange de bébé chou frisé LIFORNIA MIX xe CALIFORNIN Valley Green Giant Frozen Vegetables 750 g Green Giant Valley Selections Frozen Vegetables 400-500 g reg 4.69-4.79 Légumes surgelés HANDI EXTREME Double Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice Rig Barmali 18 Kebabs BİS-RE-REE RUNG-KEO (gl Saleem Caravan Golden Basmati Rice 4.54 kg, Pakistani and Creamy Basmati Rice 4.54 kg or Handi Rice Extra Long Basmati Rice 4.54 kg reg 14.99-16.99 Riz I Chicken Kebabs KEBABS DE POULET mmmmmmmmm READY TO BAKE OR BBQ PRÊT À FAIRE CUIRE AU FOUR OU BARBECUE es KEBAB - FACTORY- TUTO 1.02kg Keep Frozen! Flyer in effect February 2024 Prices in Effect in Ontario, Excludes Thunder Bay THUR FRI SAT SUN MON TUES WED 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 MESA 198 279 FIND LOADS OF ITEMS, ALL LOCKED & LOW DISCOVER FLAVOURS OF THE WORLD! Chips! with Scene+ Card 2.99 399⁹ ORIGINAL-ORIGINALE Scene** MEMBER PRICING without Scene+ Card 899 9.99 Scene with Scene+ Card $5 $6 Mina Halal Extra Lean Ground Chicken 454 g Poulet haché extra-maigre with Scene+ Card VARIETY. VALUE. VAH ! without Christie Cookies Scene+ Selected Varieties 223-303 g reg 3.49 Biscuits Card Kebab Factory Chicken Kebabs or Chicken Burgers Frozen 904 g-1.02 kg reg 10.99 Kébabs ou burgers de poulet SAVE $4 6.9⁹9 Scene reg 5.49 Boissons gazeuses with Scene+ Card ghet without Coca-Cola or Pepsi Soft Drinks Scene+ 6x710 mL Selected Varieties Card Scene reg 11.99 Thé ORIGINAL ☆ ✪ Mina The Original OREO Loriginal LOCKED & LOW pepsi Jean Coca-Cola Brooke Fron Red Label without Brooke Bond Red Label Tea 900 g Scene+ Card 454g 16 OOSE LEAF BLACK TEA Look for this symbol while you shop. 1000 PTS = $10 ●●● OF FREE GROCERIES Ⓡ ZONE 2 FC WK43_ONT_PO1_Z2

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