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FORTINOS President & Choice Air Chilled Canadian grown ✓ Grain fed 299ib PC whole chicken Air Chilled 6.59/kg 21540910 KG. 2991b productor for no. 1 grade 6.59/kg 20425775001 KG/20711275001 KG jumbo green, red or black seedless grapes fresh tilapia or rainbow trout fillets 20033340 KG/20990494 KG 109⁹9b 24.23/kg St-Hubert or Swiss Chalet meat pies selected varieties, frozen 21047194 EA 699 GRAND BANAAG WAT Large! SWISS CHALET NOTIESERIE & GRIES 1954 CHICKEN POULET POT PIE PATÉ 650 g 470-800 g NUR A NEW NOUVEAU BOSC TOPPITS 3.⁹9 2 Basa Pangasius each 3.99⁰b 8.80/kg CATTORIE BURRATINA Ontario Pork 125 g ARTISAN acatur Li Shera CREVETTES SAUVAGES patien pork tenderloin 20874584 KG Latterie Diano di Brella Darling clementines product of Morocco or organic Lil Snappers Bosc or Anjou pears product of U.S.A., Extra Fancy grade 21506862001 EA/20999028_KG WILD CAURT Argelan SUCRER ET JUTEU EMENTINE Tentation nations sucrée FACILE A PELER Campana Denominazione di Origine Pro Wild! PCⓇ Pacific large white raw peeled shrimp 31/40 per lb, 400 g, Marina del Rey raw wild easy peel shrimp 20/30 per lb. or Toppits basa fillets 850 g, frozen 20789931 EA/20907159 EA SWEET & JUICY CLEMENTINES Nature's Sweet Temptations. EASY TO PEEL buffalo mozzarella or burrata 21189924 EA/21190677 EA SUCREE ET JUTUSE ARLINGS CLEMENTINE SUM GUACAMOLE ANAY-SYD GREMORCEAUX Dempster's white or whole wheat bread 675 g, bagels 6's or English muffins FRESH SEAL PRODUIT EMBALLE FRAIS JUMBO ROMAINE OIS GROS COEURS DE LAITUE HOIGNE LASE WASH BORE USING KEEP RETHIOG AVANT UTILISER OU DE CONSTAMMER GARDAY AU ANDY BO 2⁹⁹ each 349 3 Romaine Hearts/3 coeurs de Romaine Prod USA Procul des E-U 499PC JAAN MARGARIN 340 g, selected varieties 20187958 EA/20339353 EA Dempsters MUFFINS SUACAMOLE AD-FREE WORCENSE 3 count 20067389001 EA Dempster's ENGLISH MUFFINS ANGLAIS Romaine hearts product of U.S.A. PCⓇ guacamole selected varieties 21448102 EA/21448106 EA Dempsters WHITE AKHI Dempsters 15.41/kg Dempsters BAGELS EVERYTHING TOUT GARNI beef loin steak tails lb cut from Canada AA or USDA Select grade beef or higher 20874387 KG 1199 ANDY BOY 199 4.39/kg MASTRE BBWW. Prosciutto Cott pecan lb halves or pieces 26.43/kg 20730612 KG 599b 449 large broccoli product of U.S.A. or Mexico, 1.99 ea. or large fennel product of U.S.A., ea. 1.99/lb, 4.39/kg lb 20145621001 EA/20003346001 EA San Daniele mortadella or prosciutto cotto selected varieties 1.32/100 g 20090246 KG/20163535 KG SATELE plain croissants 6's, chocolate 4's or mini croissants 10's, all varieties, baked in store 280-372 g 21291173 EA FORT 1 VT

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