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IGA Flyer - October 21, 2021 - October 27, 2021 - Sales products - sweet peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, salad, avocado, cherries, salmon, salmon fillet, macaroni, hamburger, pasta, Kraft®, bacon, chicken salad, sandwich slices, sliced cheese, cheddar, Kraft Singles, cranberries, extra virgin olive oil, olive oil, oil, dried fruit, chicken breasts, beef meat, ground beef, fabric softener, laundry detergent, detergent, raisins, Philadelphia, orange. Page 1.
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Cooking is fun for some, suffering for others. In any case, you should always enjoy it and try new things. You will gain a new taste and experience.

Most people use one, a maximum of two types of oil in the kitchen. However, there are many species, such as sunflower oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, hemp oil, corn oil, flaxseed oil, soybean oil and many others. You've probably never tried most of them, and some are very hard to come by. But once you try a little different type while cooking and taste the food with them, you will quickly realize that they are much tastier than the classic variants that you commonly use. Experimentation is very important in the kitchen and your family will surely be thrilled that they can try something new that they have never had before and just won't taste it somewhere. Try something new and you will not regret it.


The specialty, which is based mainly on ground beef, was brought to America by German immigrants. Today you can enjoy it in many variants.

Many people still confuse two different concepts in the field of gastronomy. These terms are meatball and burger. There is a huge difference. And not only in that the meatball is usually wrapped in three-pack and the burger is fried without any wrapping.

  • Another difference is that other ingredients are added to the burger.
  • This does not include eggs or breadcrumbs, and yet, when properly prepared, it will stick together.

The basis is traditional beef. But nowadays, many fast foods offer many different variants of this product. But a burger is not just a matter of stall sales or fast food. You can also find a quality burger in luxury restaurants.

  • There you can enjoy an infinite number of variants.
  • From the mentioned beef, through chicken, turkey, and salmon.
  • There are also vegetarian versions where the meat is replaced by, for example, ground black beans or rice.
299 HGA PRIME vive la bouffe RAISED WITHOUT antibioties ČLEVE SANS antibioliques Option végé FORMAT FAMILIAL FAMILY SIZE 699 699 IMPOSSIBLE BURGER POITRINES DE POULET FRAIS DÉSOSSÉES MAPLE LEAF PRIME Eleves sans antibiotiques FRESH BONELESS CHICKEN BREASTS Format familialFamily size 15,41 S/kg BUE E PLAMTLS $/lb 99 HACHÉ À BASE DE PLANTES IMPOSSIBLE FOODS INC. PLANT-BASED GROUND 340 9 HUILE D'OLIVE Bio GRATUITE 2/600 $/lb FREE OLIVE OIL À L'ACHAT D'UNE SALADE ATTITUDE FRAÎCHE SANS GARNITURES BEUF HACHÉ MI-MAIGRE Parties fraiches et surgelées Fresh and frozer parts MEDIUM GROUND BEEF Format familial Fsmily sie 6,59 S/kg ONE Produit d'ici SWEETTOMATO Attitude Bio 142 g hal's Chid-tB WHEN YOU PURCHASE RAICHE ONE FRESH ATTITUDE SALAD WITHOUT TOPPINGS (142 9) Conneberges (227 g) LAITUE OU MĖLANGE DE LAITUES SANS GARNITURES Des Etats-Unis ATTITUDE FRACHE (142 g)" POIVRONS DE SERRE ASSORTIS Du Canada ou du Mexique (emballage de 4) TOMATES RAISINS, CERISES ROUGES OU ORANGE OU MÉLANGE DE TOMATES Du Canada ou du Mexique (551 ml ou 340 g) CANNEBERGES FRAICHES Du Quebec (340 g) AVOCATS HASS Du Mexique (filet de 5) OU FRAMBOISES Des États-Unis ou du Mexique (170 g) LETTUCE OR LETTUCE MIX WITHOUT TOPPINGS From US ASSORTED GREENHOUSE SWEET PEPPERS, MIX GOURMET RED OR ORANGE CHERRY OR GRAPE TOMATOES From Canada or Mexico FRESH CRANBERRIES From Quebec HASS AVOCADOS From Mexico OR RASPBERRIES From U.S. or Mexico *Selection variée "Assorted selection 2/600 Ceeres fe Baies Dor SPRING MDX MÉLANGE PRINTANIER balendorcom HUILE D'OLIVE EXTRA VIERGE LIQUIDO D'ORO EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL 24 ml Cein 340 g RREDCL Valeur de Velus 99 AU CHOIX/YOUR CHOICE 00 Emballage de 4 Revient à Equals to 24 Bio chacun/each 899 Avocats (fiet de 3) 2/600 Prix imbattable $/lb PRESENON de Saumon Coho Kraft FILETS DE SAUMON COHO COHO SALMON FILLETS 19,82 S/kg Singles StHubert OUVEND Original Cheddar Original 499 SAR wm CHICKEN BACON AAL SARA POULET ficial Sans aröme ni PRI ENTE 297 P ADAPHIA 32g ORIG NAL StHubert CUNAD SALADE AU POULET ST-HUBERT Fésar, A la thaie CHICKEN SALAD 248 oulor 250 g FROMAGE À LA CRÈME PHILADELPHIA 227 ou 250 g) OU PRODUIT DE FROMAGE FONDU TRANCHÉ KRAFT SINGLES, VELVETA (410 g) CREAM CHEESE OR PROCESS SLICED CHEESE PRODUCT SALA Au rayon des fruits et légumes 28 THATE Aec POULET THAI w CHICKEN PHILADELPHIA ORIGINAL PROGUT DE FROMASE u sane ardme ni colorant arbificle CATELLI CANAA 248g Your pasta nince 18EJ - Les pates de chez nous PÅTES ALIMENTAIRES CATELLI PASTA 375 ato 500 g Selection variée Assorted seletion Produit d'ici MACARONI READY-CUT COUPE 88 DÉTERGENT À LESSIVE ARCTIC POWER Liquide (40 brassées OUIOR LA PARISIENNE (30 ou 38 brasées) OU ASSOUPLISSANT TEXTILE LA PARISIENNE Liquide (45 ou 50 brassees LAUNDRY DETERGENT OR FABRIC SOFTENER SPAS ARCTIC POWER. LA PARISIENNE asta ince Les ptes de cher nous 277 CATELLI 40 CAIN 38 SPAGHETTINI 181 M500g Votre épicerie en un clic IGAE DU JEUDI 21 OCTOBRE AU MERCREDI 27 OCTOBRE 2021 Groceries in a click EN LIGNE FROM THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21 TO WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2021 EAL MI

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